Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jewelry Cabinet


I am so excited to be the new DIY Contributor at Rags to Stitches!

Today I am sharing my first project.  I’d love it if you would come say hi and check out all the details of this fun transformation...

PicMonkey Collagebeforeafter5



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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Harvest Decorating Tips

It may seem a little early for fall decor, but I put this together to be part of a Harvest Decorating photo gallery for so I thought I’d share it with you to maybe get your fall decorating creative juices flowing…Plus fall is my favorite:)  It is similar to my fall arrangement last year.  I just changed up a few things.


This somewhat neutral tone is a simple take on fall decor. Almost everything in this vignette was either from a garage sale, thrift store or made myself.  I created the "Harvest" sign by writing on the glass of framed burlap.  To give it more interest and presence I added the decorative thrift store frame around the outside. You can see details on how I did this last year…{HERE}.


For more height up the wall I added mismatched silver platters.  This not only compliments, but gives a nice contrast to the twigs and feathers. I love mixing the rustic and natural elements with the more formal pieces.  I used some books to help vary the heights in my display. Layering and varying heights in your vignettes is a must. This not only shows off your pieces, but also gives a flow to your display to make it pleasing to the eye.

DSC_0275 DSC_0285

*A couple quick tips for arranging accessories… Vary your heights and colors in such a way that your eye easily follows the flow. Also, leave some space for the eye to rest. I like to have a variety of textures and elements that compliment each other. Group like items and try to add interest and your own style. Play around with your layout and make it feel good to you, that is most important.


Be sure to check out the photo gallery…lots of great ideas!

How early to you start decorating for fall?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Bit of Spring

I worked super hard to add some Spring touches around my home.  Like 20 minutes and a couple bucks hard;)  With a trip to the dollar store and shopping the house, here are some of the bits of Spring decor 2012.
I made a simply Spring garland from egg doilies I found at the dollar store.  All I did was clip the doilies to some jute twine with tiny clothes pins.  I already had the hooks up from my winter garland, so I just wove the twine through.  To dress it up a tiny bit, in the center I tied a bow out of some satin ribbon I had.
Nothing to fancy, but adds the touch of whimsy and Spring to our family room.
I hung my dollar store egg basket I made a couple years ago to the fireplace screen and wrote ‘Spring’ on the chalkboard tag of my $6 thrift store (new with tags from Target) basket.  Spring grasses I already had and the little yellow birdies were stolen borrowed from my little love’s bedroom.
I changed up my little vignette for Spring and added a new quote on my glass.  You can see my other season quotes HERE and HERE.
Love this quote.
IMG_0669 IMG_0671 IMG_0672
I added some Spring twigs & greens along with my Moss Eggs {tutorial HERE} and tied an egg doily on my lamp shade with jute twine. Oh, a little butterfly I bought at Joann's a few years ago for $2.  All I did was lightly paint it. 
Everything I used I already had (except for the doilies) and by simply using things in a different way or changing them up a bit I have a new look for Spring!
Is it feeling like Spring where you are?
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Wreath Tutorial

photo 3 (4)
I was cleaning out my craft room yesterday, became distracted (imagine that) and instead of organizing, I made a Spring wreath for my front door.  My winter wreath was looking a little sad and didn’t really go with the bit of Spring green that had started popping up in our yard.  Getting this cheery wreath up on the door made me feel excited for the upcoming seasons…
…and then, last night it snowed.  ???  Typical;)
Anyway, I thought I’d share a few tips for creating your own Spring wreath.
To create a Spring wreath similar to mine, you will need…
twiggy wreath base (I used a pussy willow, curly willow mix), spring berries, spring flowers, spring greens, ribbon of choice, moss, wire, hot glue
Some Helpful Tips…
1. First measure out your desired length of ribbon, loop around your wreath and tie in a bow.  *I used a green burlap wired ribbon & left enough length to clear the top of my twigs.
2. Next, stick in your berries and flowers going with the direction of the wreath.  Place them in a pleasing way, dispersing the color but not making them too patterned or placed.  Secure them with hot glue and/or wire. * I like them to look as if they are “growing”  right out of the wreath.
3. For added texture and color, fill in with sprigs of greenery in varying lengths. Insert the greenery at differing angles for a three-dimensional look.
4. Glue in bits of moss to add more texture and to cover any visible stems or glue.
5. To attach the birds nest, loop wire through the bottom of the nest and then wrap it around the wired base of the wreath to secure.
6.  If using a wreath hanger, loop a small length of just twine through your knot.  This will give you something to hang on the hook, but not cover up your bow. *You can use a shorter length than I have shown to minimize visibility.
photo 5 (2)
And there you have it. 
   There is no right or wrong, as long as you like it.  Have fun with it.  Oh, and don’t be too worried about making it perfect…there is no such thing;) 
photo 2 (4) 
Happy Spring!!
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gray Washed {faux} Wood

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen this treasure I picked up for $2 the other day.  I am not quite sure what it’s previous life was…maybe sewing box?  It reminds me a little bit of {this guy} and I am seriously loving how beautiful it turned…oh, and it was so simple!
Here is the glorious before…
photo (10)

All I did was give it a good cleaning, of course, and then simply dry brushed a Martha Stewart paint sample I had (Bedford Gray).  I wanted to give it a worn gray washed wood like appearance, so the brown base was perfect.  I used a basic bristle brush.  I dipped just the end in a little paint, dabbed in on a paper towel then lightly and quickly brushed the surface.  It literally took me under 5 minutes.
I love how it picked up the amazing detail in the medallion and how the beautiful lines and curves are shown off.  It is a plastic material, but now has the appearance of carved wood. 
  IMG_0646    IMG_0645
I am not sure what her new life will be…maybe house some hair stuff…maybe makeup?…storage for my Rustik Chic supplies in my craft space?
I am sure however, I love price (2 bucks people!) and end result.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

25 Things

  1. I have mounds of laundry waiting for me, but listing random thoughts here is much more important.
  2. I really will find any excuse to not do laundry.
  3. I don’t like doing laundry at all.
  4. I do like when it is all done and put away though
  5. I have to remind myself of that feeling to get my butt in gear.
  6. I can’t believe we are already a week into February.
  7. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday Thursday.
  8. Yes, I started this yesterday.
  9. Sometimes I pretend I am on vacation in my own home.
  10. One time I even tried to call room service.
  11. It didn’t work.
  12. I am working hard to get back in my healthy eating and exercise routine.
  13. I ALWAYS spell exercise wrong. Why??
  14. I love spell check.
  15. I don’t love budgeting.  Or doing laundry.
  16. I could use Fall/Christmas candles in my all year long.
  17. I love the rain.
  18. And cobblestone paths.
  19. Rain on cobblestone paths is even better.
  20. I feel so grateful today.
  21. Grateful for the seemingly simple blessings in my life.
  22. It’s snowing!!
  23. Which is good because that means it is cold outside & I have yet to retrieve the milk delivery from the porch cooler this morning.
  24. Well, I better start my ‘to do’ list.
  25. Which I am really good at writing by the way. If you need a good list written, I am your gal. It is the execution part I need to work on.;)

Oh, and I really will be posting projects more regularly…soon.  It’s just been busy and weird around here.;)

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Touches


This winter has felt off here due to the lack of snow and the warmer temps.

But…just when I was thinking mother nature should just cut her losses and try again next year, winter came in full force!  Since it finally feels winter-y around here I thought I would share some winter touches we have going on.

IMG_0597  IMG_0599

When it’s cold and stormy outside, I love the lights on the garland above our fireplace…this room is so cozy. I’ve removed anything to much like Christmas, but kept the simple winter touches that reflect what is going on outside.


Because it stays cold and snowy here for a good while, I like to keep the winter vibe going with my decorating usually through February. Come March though,  I’m wanting & ready for SPRING!!

What about you? Do you find it hard to want to decorate this time of year?