Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wine Barrel Plaque {a knock off}

Oh, drive by garage sale finds…how I love thee!
I love garage sales, but it seems like my weekends are crazy and I usually don’t end up making it to Saturday morning sales. 
Excitingly enough last Friday,  as I was driving back from getting my first pumpkin spiced latte of the season {heaven in a cup}, I saw a Friday morning moving sale!  If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen my pic of all the loot I scored for only $4!
Lemme show ya what I did with one of those amazing steals…
Have you seen the lovely wine barrel plaques from Ballard?    I noticed them a while back, thinking ‘oh, I wish I could find and old barrel lid like that’.  Well, I have yet to find one.  So what do you do if you can’t find something you want? 
You create it!!
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So here are Ballard's barrel lids.  Pretty nice huh? They are three different sizes but the smallest is 14” in diameter and 4” deep.  It sales for $69.00.
Enter my $1 garage sale find. 
Um, what is it?  Maybe a drying rack of sorts? 
Fill me in if you know.  All I saw was my barrel lid project!
So I started with the lid and just stained it with gel stain I had from my trunk makeover.  Next I stenciled on the words I wanted.  I started with Pinot Noir because it’s my fave and the numbers are Mr. Husband’s and my anniversary.  A little fleur de lis stamp for some softness, and there ya go. 
A custom piece for a DOLLAR!
The lower parts had slats so I had to add in some cardboard.  I painted it all out in black, almost dry brushing, to give it an aged rustic appearance.  I stenciled on the words and numbers and free handed the shield and leaf in the center.
What do you think about 2 custom pieces for a dollar?
How about 3 for a dollar?!
For this one I used cardboard again and painted it all in Heirloom white.  I then stenciled on my words, freehanded some designs and lightly sanded & glazed it.
I quite like them.  Mine measure 12” in diameter and 2” deep, so they are a tiny bit smaller than theirs, and just a little cheaper.  Just a little. ;)
I hope this inspires you to think about things differently look at that garage sale “junk” and see past what it is,  to what it could be. 
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  1. Very clever! I love those and the wine that goes with ;)

  2. I was totally eyeing these in the catalog! What a creative idea - really LOVE these. I am now on the hunt for my very own bamboo steamer!


  3. I think it's a steamer for foods like tortilla shells.

  4. What a great copy!!! Fantastic job! :)

  5. That looks like a Chinese dumpling steamer! You are so clever!

  6. It is a chinese steamer of sorts.. but I think much better as you used them!! Wonderful work!! Thanks for stopping by and taking thyme to leave a comment!! I hope you will check back often as I have some great projects in store!!

    Happy Painting and until next Thyme..


  7. Wonderful creative ideas! Great look on your mantle.

  8. You are so awesome! I only saw a bamboo steamer. LOL

  9. I had seen those and been wanting to create them. The bamboo steamer was a GREAT idea. They look wonderful.

  10. So neat! Perfect for We Can Do It Cheaper! Thanks so much for linking up!

  11. Good thinking. I love the little stack of books too.

  12. These are fantastic! I have been coveting things in their catologue!

  13. These turned out wonderful. I have seen them in the Ballard Catalog and yours are just as nice, if not nicer. TFS.

  14. wow! i love how you think outside the box! i havent seen one of those in a long time! yup, a bamboo steamer! now an awesome ballard "design"!

  15. It is a bamboo dumpling steamer! I am totally off to an Oriental supply store to get some of these!!! I have been trying to think for months how to knock these off! Love it! (Oh ... and totally sharing on my FB page!)

  16. Oh how I love this!!! I saw these in Ballard's catalog and fell in love too...just waiting on the perfect thing to come along to use for my knockoff. I LOVE what you used!! I think yours look better than Ballards!! GOOD JOB! :)

    Stopping by from the CSI Project!


  17. Oh that is clever! I love the Ballard ones and yours are a fantastic diy version.

  18. I love your wine barrel signs! Probably a French thing, but it is so cool! It looks great with the old books and finial.

  19. Great job! These are beautiful!

  20. These are amazing! I loved them from the catalog and wondered how I could make my own. Now I know!

  21. I love decorating on the cheap! I'm a new follower....hope you'll visit and maybe follow back!


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