Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{Dollar Store} Wire Cloche

Something about a ceramic bird trapped er… nested inside some sort of cloche or glass jar just screams Spring, don’t ya think? ;)   
Well, here is a inexpensive & simple way to create your own wire cloche.
IMG_1253-1 IMG_1295-1
I picked up a few wire wastebaskets at the dollar store a while back wanting to do something like this with them.  I just spray painted the basket in ‘Oregano’ and then added a metal finial with a bolt to the top (or bottom) of the basket.
*This finial is the sister to the one I used for my paper towel holder. They actually went on the end of a curtain rod.  I just glued a bolt on the underside to attach it.  You could use a knob as well or just glue it right on your basket.
I then put my new wire cloche on top of my Homemade Cake Stand. 
Here is a lighter version…
Same wire cloche, just different cake stand and a crystal drawer knob.
I’ll be sure to share where my little cloche ends up.
Stay tuned for more Spring Decor….My natural light is not cooperating so I’m having a hard time getting good pictures today, but hopefully soon. :)
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  1. Ha, I love this! What a brilliant idea - and I just happen to be at the Dollar Store today...clearly I should have checked out your blog earlier this morning!!!


  2. very cute and original.


  3. stop it right now, girlfriend!

    i'm loving this idea. it turned out awesome.

    you = so smart! ;)

    thanks for linking up. xoxo


  4. Wow!.. you definatly have an eye!.. this is great!..

  5. I love this! Which dollar store are the baskets from? I'd love to have some like that? The only dollar store I know of is the Dollar Tree, but maybe in other parts of the country there are others with a different name : )
    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Too cute! I can't believe you got those wire baskets at the dollar store Krista. I might have to try this.

  7. This is such a great idea!!! Love this cloche and the cute little vignette you have under it too!

    bee blessed

  8. Following you now. Found you on This Blesse Nest.

  9. Really GREAT!! Super creative!! Love it!! :)

  10. Visiting from the CSI project - this is so creative!! Love it!

  11. I LOVE that! What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower!

  12. this is really cute! I do have a question though. In your before picture, the basket is pretty straight, in the after picture it is narrower from top to bottom... it is angled. How did you do that?

    1. Thank You!:) It actually was always kind of fluted like that...I think is was just the angle I took the first picture at that made it look more straight.


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  14. What a great idea! I would love to do something like this to incorporate into our wedding. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  15. Now, why can't I think of things like this? Great imagination creates imaginative things! Love your other ideas too!

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