Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Functional & Fashionable


My paper towel holder had seen better days.  I have grown tired of looking at it everyday in it’s not so pretty state.  I have been looking for a new one that A. I like and B. wasn’t too pricey.  Then I had a fab idea.

Here is a quick  {seriously, like 15 min} update that is sooo simple.


See the poor gal in her before state.  Tired, worn and used probably 20+ times a day for 6 years.  I had this extra curtain rod finial floating around and decided it would make a perfect topper.  I just Gorilla Glued it onto the existing top. This way we can still unscrew it to put the roll of paper towels on.*  I love the shape and how it adds some character to a utilitarian item.

*This may be common sense to you, but I could just see myself gluing it to the wood part and then not being able to put the roll of towels on.  Needless to say, I am a little proud that I was using the old noggin…  Today anyway. 


So here is why I love spray paint… 

Just a couple coats of this easy-to-apply-magic-in-a-can, and you give a combination of different finishes and colors a totally uniform look.  No one would ever know that I didn’t purchase it this way.  In less than 15 minutes I  gave it a high end look for fa-REE!


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  1. It looks great - and yes, I may have simply glued it to the wood and not been able to take it off again! Very funny! Thanks so much for linking up to Be Inspired today.


  2. That's a classy looking paper towel holder! You sound just like me. I'd probably have glued it to the wood myself. I'm you newest follower :)

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  4. You are very clever my dear. Love it.


  5. Ohhh yes...this is fabulous!!! I love revamping with spray paint! It looks great girl! Thank you for linking it at my party today! Have a great weekend!!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  6. Great idea! don't you just love making something over that you have and making it something you are really proud of. I know I do.


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