Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Candle Sconces

I found these wood candle holders at the thrift store for $3 for the set.  They are good quality wood and I loved the curvy shape of them.
IMG_0383IMG_0599 IMG_0598
They were made to hold taper candles and I wanted them to hold my flameless pillars.  I popped of the small holder and added the wood appliqués to the top and spray painted them black.  I sanded the edges a bit and stuck my pillars on.  They looked nice flanking the sides of my mirror, but being inspired by the Pottery Barn hurricane wall sconces I decided to add my dollar store vases to them. 
PB Candle Sconce


I like. Total price = around $10 for both.  Not bad at all.  I fashioned the candle a little cozy.  I’ll share another time, but it was really simple. Burlap, button, jute.
I am loving that I will be able to change the look easily with these.  Here are a few different ideas I was playing around with
~I am changing things up a bit in this room.  (Notice the empty curtain rod in the mirror. Nice.) I am finally putting my super amazing clearance fabric I told you about to use.  Stay tuned…
Well, I have one little lady back in school and my baby goes to preschool next week.  Summer crazily flew by, but I am excited to work on some projects around my house to share with you!
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  1. what a steal. i love me a great deal and you can pretty much do anything with candle holders....awesome:)

  2. So pretty and such a good deal too. I love how you arranged them in different themes for different seasons. Very cool!


  3. What an amazing idea!! They're beautiful! Great work..

    Candice. :)

  4. It could add up to great interior design of the house. Good job!
    -House and land

  5. wow you are a creative person making Candle Sconces simple, I've tried but I failed, I was amazed with you;)


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