Thursday, September 16, 2010

{Just} A Cake Stand

I love cake stands and I really only have one, which is weird….anyway, I have loved seeing all the amazing repurposing of things to make unique cake stands.  So, here is another one.  Nothing too crazy cool or spectacular,  but pretty cute for very little time or money. And now I have two cake stands!
I had 2 little votive holders that I bought from the dollar store a while back.  Because they are from the dollar store, they were sort of irregular, which in this case was wonderful!  One of the bottoms was smaller so it fit perfectly in the other, so I Gorilla glued them together and then placed my old {like first married old} metal charger plate on top.  Throw in a little ORB spray paint to unify the look,  and what do you get?…
A super lovely -using what you have- dollar store -one of a kind -cake stand!
I am not sure where she will end up, but I borrowed this little arrangement from my Etsy Shop to show you one way it could be used.
* My sincerest apologies about the dust in these pics that is driving me nuts!!  So please ignore. ;)
Do you have a fab cake stand you’ve created?
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  1. I have a black wooden cake stand I bought from the clearance section at Hobby Lobby intending to do something creative with it! It's still just as I bought it! Your post makes me want to pull it out and get started! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great blog. love it. found you through links! I am a new follower too!
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  3. Love this! What a great idea! I have to go hit up the dollar store soon!

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  5. Looks good. I love plate stands too..have too many though.


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