Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{10 minute} Fall Mantel

I put up a little fall on the mantel in our family room.  It is so easy to make simple changes to bring in the new seasons without spending a lot of time or money. 

 IMG_0344 IMG_0352

Start to finish really took me about 10 minutes and I just shopped my house. 

First off, I flanked either side of the TV with garage sale shutters. They add dimension and another layer to my decor, but also work to hide the unsightly cords.  I changed out the eggs in my little trellis planter you might remember from my Spring Vignette.  Just put in some fall pears and added ribbon on top.   I have always loved using books in my decor so I stacked a few garage sale finds and put the pears on top.  I then took this little ceramic pitcher and filled it with wispy grasses and tied a jute ribbon on the handle.


I Brought out a fall garland from last year and stuck  a few pine cones in for some additional texture and interest.  Next added my little light and a pine planter I wrapped with ribbon. I added the little Harvest sign in the middle to maybe help distract from the black hole in the center. ;)


  Speaking of the blackness in the center of the mantel, I am sure you have heard me whine about it before.  As I mentioned last Christmas, I love mantels and fireplaces but our home set up for a traditional mantel.  I am grateful for what I have, it’s just from a decorating standpoint, it’s not the best.  (I know, waa-waa ;)Had we built this home I would have done it differently and I plan to work on it, but in the mean time just picture my mantel looking more like this…

mirror mantel

Even with my extremely super poor editing job of pasting this beautiful mirror in, I think it looks lovely!   Sorry flat screen, this mirror is way prettier than you.



  1. I have the same dilemma at my home. So here is my question. Where is your dvd player or cable box? How do you hide those? Please feel me in and let me know.

  2. I grew up with tv cabinets so the doors could be closed to hide the tv, dvd player, cords etc. I love the flat screens of the new tv's but the bigger sizes make it a pain to decorate around the black hole it leaves when it is turned off. I wonder how long before the trend swings back to hiding the tv and stuff again?

    Your mantel does look nice and I agree the mirror is much nicer.

  3. For your mantle, just a thought~ could you hang a rod from the ceiling and and hang some basic fabric with one of your wreaths on top. When you want to watch TV slide it over. I have a huge honking TV armoire. I would like a skinny one on mantle to free up square footage in the living room. Anyhoo..


  4. looks delightful! we always try to hide cords and i totally understand the wanting to decorate and not have that mess involved.

  5. BIG tv & all your mantel is still beautiful. love your gorgeous treasures. that stone fireplace & wooden mantel is just yummy & rustic looking.

    thanks for linking up again to FALL FESTIVAL!

    from one of your MANY fans!


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