Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Nod to Spring

It’s a little weird that I am sharing my spring vignette with you and it looks like this outside.  But that is Spring for ya, especially here.  Just yesterday I was excited to see the bits of green peeking through my yard and today it’s a full blown winter storm.


This is just off my garage entry.  We call it the “shoe cabinet” and I usually like to do a little bit of seasonal decor on top of it.  For spring I like a simple, sort of garden-y, cottage-y feel.  A blend of *AsCloseToPastelsAsIget* colors but nothing to matchy-matchy or themed. 

*A couple quick tips for arranging accessories… Vary your heights and colors in such a way that your eye easily follows the flow.  Also, leave some space for the eye to rest.  I like to have a variety of textures and elements that compliment each other. Group like items and try to add interest and your own style.  Play around with your layout and make it feel good to you, that is most important.


I have my eggs and dollar store moss pieces {LOVE} piled in a sweet patina planter with a wire trellis.  I used to have sweet ivy growing in this but I killed it with my brown thumb it somehow died. :(  I may try again.  Then I got this cute stone urn that had the sweet little bird on top.  It was only $4 and very cute, but as I was putting it into my car I broke the little birdy off.  I was just going to glue him back on but then tried this boxwood bush in the hole and liked it!  So the little bird friend is just hanging out below. 

I have a rustic ‘Home Sweet Home’ sign stuck in the back with a mirror and my little colored glass bottles on a sweet doily to the other side.  I have had these little bottles for 11 yrs!  I heart them.


For a bit of the unexpected, I hung my dollar store hanging planter with my version of the jute twine eggs, on my lamp with some ribbon.  The planter was black and I painted it and aged it a bit.  On my eggs I wrapped some moss bits and extra vines I had around them.  They turned out really cute, but I am not gonna lie…I added the vines because I did a impatient job of wrapping my eggs and there were some spaces.  I like the final result.  (sorry about the darkish picture)


I hope you enjoyed my  “Nod to Spring” Vignette.  I hope it is not snowing where you are, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas  Happy Easter!  

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  1. Oh my...I just love your spring vignette! The urn is soooo pretty and I adore the basket of eggs hanging from you lamp!



  2. Beautiful vignette - I love all of the soothing colors. Thanks for linking it up to Be Inspired today!


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your nod to my style. I love all of your details and treasures and the basket hanging from the lamp...cute and unexpected.
    504 Main

  4. Your nod to Spring is adorable and I'm thrilled that you found your way to my party! Your birdie breaking off is totally working for you and I'm loving the ivy trellis stuffed with moss stones. Looks great!

  5. Gorgeous vignette! Green is my favorite color, so I love all the green accents...just lovely! ~Liz

  6. What a lovely vignette, with a great vintage vibe. And I hope Spring will be there for you soon.

  7. I LOVE it! A touch of green can always bring a little spring to a house--even if there is snow on the ground. :)

  8. Very pretty, thanks for sharing! I'm glad I found your blog today. I think I'll be visiting again soon.


  9. What a cute table!! I want one just like that!!


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