Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Wreath Tutorials

Spring cannot get here fast enough if you ask me!  I am doing a bit of Spring Cleaning (if you can call it that with 6” of snow on the ground!) this weekend to get ready to brighten up my home with some happy Spring decor. 
If you are feeling like creating something Spring-y this weekend for your home, here are a couple tutorials I was asked to put together for
Click HERE to see this Dogwood Spring Wreath tutorial
Click HERE to see this Traditional Magnolia Wreath tutorial
Whatever your weekend plans are I hope you enjoy! 
***I have been working on changing up my curtains in my family room and I can’t wait to show you!!  Hopefully this week. :) ***

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Weekend & {Cottage Grays}


Wishing you all a happy {sunny} holiday weekend.  It is going to be a little gray  and cloudy here, but hopefully the sunshine with arrive soon.

My weekend will involve working on some more Spring for my Etsy shop, a night out with Mr. Husband and spending time with my little fam…

And to remind myself that gray is not always a dreary thing, I am sharing one of my newest designs, “Cottage Grays”. Gray can be calming and cozy, so that will be how I look and the gray skies this weekend. ;)

I hope y’all have a good one. :)


P.S.  Do you spell it ‘gray’ or ‘grey’?  I do both. Because I am crazy like that. I believe ‘gray’ is the Americanized version. Just curious. ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Wreath Tutorial


It is a little late, but I am going to keep my word.;)  Here is a simple way to create a Valentine wreath like the one in my Valentine Vignette.

You will need:

  • a wispy wreath base
  • berry garland
  • burlap ribbon
  • decorative heart
  • faux greens

IMG_0988 IMG_0990 IMG_0993

I started with a wispy twig wreath base, to which I added in a pip berry beaded garland.   I just formed it around the center of the wreath and attached it with wire.  Once it is attached you can pull out the pieces and berries to sort of ‘fluff’ it or fill it out.  This little step makes a big difference.  I then took my burlap ribbon and looped it around the back of the wreath to anchor my wood heart.

IMG_0994 IMG_0995 IMG_0996

I placed the heart where I wanted it and tied the ribbon around with a looped knot.  To do this I just tie a knot with out pulling one side all the way through.  This heart has a wire hanger which I attached to the wreath base as well to make it more secure.  You could use some hot glue as well or more wire behind it. 

And finally, For a pop of color and to put a little ‘spring’ in the wreath I tucked some greens into the ribbon.


There you go:) 

An {easy} sweet and simple Valentine-y addition to your home.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ribbon & Boa Wreath {Valentine’s Day Idea}

I wanted to share with you the wreath I made my little sis for Christmas.  I know you have seen ribbon wreaths before and you might remember the tulle one I made for my daughter…but I thought this one’s fun colors might spark some ideas for Valentines Day decor.
IMG_0741 IMG_0742
To make this I chose ribbon to match her room and cut it is strips.  I used different textures and widths and even cut it in different lengths to give a lot of dimension.  For some extra sass I added in the hot pink boa.  Then I just simply tied the pieces all around a 12” wreath.  No particular order…just kept tying until I achieved the desired look.  There is no wrong or right here:)
To finish it I cut out the first initial of her name and cover it in coordinating paper.  I printed out the letter off of my computer to make a stencil and traced it out of thin cardboard I had on hand.  The paper was just a digital scrapbook paper I had that I printed out as well. 
I then hung it from a ribbon and she was complete!
For a Valentine flair you could attach a hang tag with “love” or “kisses” or a fun phrase, like I did “play” on my daughter’s wreath.
This took so little time and was super easy to make.  Try one out yourself or make it a fun Valentine project with you kids! :) XOXO