Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ribbon & Boa Wreath {Valentine’s Day Idea}

I wanted to share with you the wreath I made my little sis for Christmas.  I know you have seen ribbon wreaths before and you might remember the tulle one I made for my daughter…but I thought this one’s fun colors might spark some ideas for Valentines Day decor.
IMG_0741 IMG_0742
To make this I chose ribbon to match her room and cut it is strips.  I used different textures and widths and even cut it in different lengths to give a lot of dimension.  For some extra sass I added in the hot pink boa.  Then I just simply tied the pieces all around a 12” wreath.  No particular order…just kept tying until I achieved the desired look.  There is no wrong or right here:)
To finish it I cut out the first initial of her name and cover it in coordinating paper.  I printed out the letter off of my computer to make a stencil and traced it out of thin cardboard I had on hand.  The paper was just a digital scrapbook paper I had that I printed out as well. 
I then hung it from a ribbon and she was complete!
For a Valentine flair you could attach a hang tag with “love” or “kisses” or a fun phrase, like I did “play” on my daughter’s wreath.
This took so little time and was super easy to make.  Try one out yourself or make it a fun Valentine project with you kids! :) XOXO


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