Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Wreath Tutorials

Spring cannot get here fast enough if you ask me!  I am doing a bit of Spring Cleaning (if you can call it that with 6” of snow on the ground!) this weekend to get ready to brighten up my home with some happy Spring decor. 
If you are feeling like creating something Spring-y this weekend for your home, here are a couple tutorials I was asked to put together for
Click HERE to see this Dogwood Spring Wreath tutorial
Click HERE to see this Traditional Magnolia Wreath tutorial
Whatever your weekend plans are I hope you enjoy! 
***I have been working on changing up my curtains in my family room and I can’t wait to show you!!  Hopefully this week. :) ***


  1. I'm ready for spring too! We recently painted our house:
    (Scroll down on the link to see.)
    And I think my new front door color is just BEGGING for a pretty spring wreath! We've also planted a few trees and are going to be doing something to the flower beds, but I confess... I am not good with plants, not even the fake kinds. I'm just not very good at arranging them.
    I definitely need a tutorial, because I know what things I like in my wreathes, just don't know how to work them all in and have them look right.

  2. As always, your wreaths are gorgeous Krista! I especially love the dogwood.


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