Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eclectic Funky Glam Princess Dorm Room

Some years ago, my husband and I recieved the most perfect Christmas present ever.  Our first precious baby girl.  Yes, my sweet daughter's birthday happens to be on Christmas Eve. This always makes for an even busier time of year.  I am ultra sensitive to the fact that I do not want her birthday overshadowed because of the very exciting and important day that follows.  We try to keep it as seperate as possible. (which, as you can imagine, is not easy!)  Because of this, I may tend to go a bit overboard the other way. (me? never!)

Well, this year she decided she wanted a room makeover! {Project! Yay!}  I was so excited and the wheels started turning immediately, but a room re-do the day before Christmas can be a bit overwhelming!  Needless to say, this is what I have been working on the past couple weeks.  Plus, all the other good and fun Christmas stuff!  She chose the colors and picked out a few items, but the reveal was a ginormous suprise.  I forgot to take a before picture (dangit) but it was kind of a neglected mix of shabby chic, little girl, baby room and big girl who thinks she's 16 stuff.  I'm sure you get the visual.

 And now it's a little girl's FUnky GlAm pRinceSs Dorm RoOm! Check it out...

I wanted to keep the cost down as much as possible, so I was pretty creative and thrifty.

We lucked out to have HUGE bedrooms in this house, so fun!  Perfect for a little girl who loves to sing and dance constantly and a designers dream!  She wanted to have the space in the center open, so we went with a sleeper sofa.  I found it on sale for $199 regulary $399.  Not bad, not bad.  The color was perfect and it is super easy to fold up and down.  The pillows I got on sale.  The two on the sides on clearance...$3 each!  I only had to cover a few squares with the fabric I had purchased for the room.  This gave them a real custom look.  The white in the middle my Grandmother stitched for her.  I just added some tulle to funk it up a bit.

Next, the focal wall.  I found this great saying by Judy Garland on etsy from itswrittenonthewall.  (She was awesome to work with.  Great quality, good price and super fast shipping...check her out)  I think every little girl (and big girl) should have this saying on thier wall.  I took 4 thrift store frames and painted them all out in white.

I chose frames that all add different ornate details.  This gives them a more interesting feminine look.  The big one went around the vinyl quote and for the smaller, I covered cardboard with my fabrics.  The dots are from TJ Maxx.  (gotta love TJ Maxx.)

Ok.  I love this next part.  I have to say though, the pictures do not do it justice.  I couldn't get a great picture, but it is so fun.  I have always wanted to do something interesting with this little nook in her room.  I took a shower curtain tension rod (I already had) and put it between the two walls.  I then wrapped 10 yards of each color of tulle around and swooping down.  I tied doube ribbons in a few places to both secure and add some more girly-ness.

 The curtains are from Big Lots.  Tied with the same ribbon.

Hopefully you get the idea. Tucked back in there is a cozy little "chill" area to read or rest or whatever. You'll see a cute little table that I found for $6 at the thrift store and my lamp revamp from Big Lots. Painted the little table and as for the lamp...painted the gold base white, jeweled trim on the shade and voila! A feminine funky reading lamp.

The furniture was my grandmothers so that make it even cooler.  It is a deco style...how many different styles have we mixed here?  Love eclectic!  We painted it all in this crazy pink my daughter picked out and put some mismatched glass knobs on as well.  The color ties it in and the knobs give it a the feminine glam feel.   I accesorized it with girly stuff.  A new jewelry holder, a decorative storage box and glam candles.  All on clearance of course!  To tie it all in I made a simple runner out of the fabric and covered my aunty's chair as well.  Notice the feminine, victorian detail in the chair paired with a comtemporary fabric...and it works!  Love that chair!  Thanks Pammy :)

For some more "art" on the shelf above I covered cheap canvas with the coordinating fabrics.  You could use anything though.  I added a few details for interest.  Then took my dollar store vases and dropped a pink flower in each.  Simply lovely!

I made this inspirational piece out of dollar store frames and some shelf backing I had leftover. (remember, I hate to throw things away...I might need them! see?)  I printed out words to inspire and put them in the frames.  Love, believe, dance, sing, play, inspire, authentic, create, grateful...you get the idea.  Good reminders to live life and love it.  Hopefully she will read them daily.  I simply painted out the board, attached the frames with epoxy and hung with ribbon.  Two custom "art" pieces to fill big walls...less than $18, including paint.  I have to admit I was nervous, but I think they turned out pretty well and you can't beat the price!

I also made her some fun bulletin boards for pictures, cards, etc. out of the fabrics I choice for the room.  They were sooo easy and inexpensive to make, but make a big impact in the room as well as function.  I don't think they will stay empty for long!

 This is my cheap and easy "floral arrangement". (ha ha) Thrift store vase with Christmas beads and dollars store stones.  I just layered them in the glass, stuck in these funky Christmas decor wand thingys and tied it with coordinating tulle. { Watch for all the Christmas clearance that you can use in other ways!} The mirror is an old mirror I had in my room growing up that I just tied with coordinating ribbon.  Another Christmas garland draped across the dresser.  The frame my daughter made.  ( she needs to get a picture in it)  Notice how I have mixed styles throughout the room.  Adding simple things to what you already have can totally change the look.  For instance, some of the cottage-y items from her room before I simply added some tulle or fringe and now it's feminine glam. This gives uniqueness and interest.  No fear decorating here!

Even the trash can couldn't escape my hot glue gun!

All in all I think it turned out pretty good. The look on my daughters face was priceless and that is all I can ask for!  I can't leave anything alone, so there are a few more things I'd like to do in here.  Check back. ;)  I hope this inspires you to re-use what you have and think outside the box. Again, there is no wrong way to decorate your home. If it makes you feel good, do it! Here are a few more pics. Best wishes for the new year!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

The End of a Decade

One of my favorite things to do in during the holiday season is to sit in my living room, cozy by the fire, and admire the soft glow of the Christmas Tree.  Whether it is the early am with my coffee, or at the end of the day when everyone is asleep ( which rarely happens ;) ) it gives me a sense of calm.   Holiday lights have always been so magical to me.  I loved riding around with my parents as a kid and looking at all the Christmas lights.  As an adult it is sometimes hard to feel that magic with all thats going on around me, but somehow the warm glow of the lights give me a glimpse of the magic and wonder of the season.  I hope my kids feel this feeling and never lose it.  I see the excitement in my little ones and I just want to bottle it up and save it forever!  

Sometimes I try to hard to make things perfect for my kids that I set myself up for disappointment and miss the simple moments that are the magic.  The last couple weeks I have tried to just step back and enjoy the ride.  I was trying to do too much for that perfect season instead of just being in the moment.  I read the most amazing post by Melissa @ The Inspired Room and it really put things into perspective for me. (thanks Melissa!)  It was exactly what I needed at that moment and it helped me to enjoy those last few magical days and have a new outlook for the year to come.

I am stretching out this Christmas season as long as I can.  Today as I was enjoying my morning coffee by the fire, lights all aglow, my thoughts were the nearing of the new year.  I was thinking about the abundance of blessings this past year as well as the past DECADE! (can you believe it!?)

One of my many blessings in the past ten years was the gift of motherhood, which is the most amazing experience of my life.    I can't believe how fast they are growing.  Before I know it another decade will be behind us.  My new year, and new decade, resolution is to soak it up!  Every minute.

I am so thankful for my incredible husband who is amazing in every way.  He is the love of my life and my very best friend. I am so looking forward to making more memories.

I have a wonderful family who loves me unconditionally and I feel so blessed to be near them.

So, I know this years going to be another busy one with a lot of exciting things ahead.  (There will be lots of fun projects to share with ya'll!)  The goal is to enjoy the journey, be in the now and don't sweat the small stuff!

Warmest Wishes to You and Yours!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cypress Sprig Luminaries

Yes, more fresh pine sprigs!  I saw a similar project to this in BHG mag a few years back.  I have all my fresh sprigs from my chandelier project and I didn't want them to go to waste.  I'm loving the look and smell of natural elements in my Christmas decor.  So, check these out.

I started with these squared vases I picked up at the thrift store for $1 each. (woohoo!)  Grabbed my spray adhesive, scissors, clippers and I was set.  I found four pieces of the branches that were similar to each other and sprayed them with the adhesive.  You'll want a heavy duty spray.

I waited a minute until they were just tacky.  Then took one at a time and positioned them on each side of the vase.  I lined them up so the tops were pretty close to the same height.  Don't worry about the bottom, you will be trimming in a bit.

I pressed them around until they were set.  Then I trimmed around the bottom and all the edges to clean her up.

Finished off with a simple tie of ribbon, which I already had.  This is a nice touch and helps the keep the pine secure as well.  I then dropped in a couple small candles and I was done!  You could put in some stones or sand as well in the bottom.  Think how nice to have 2 or more lined up together.  They look so pretty at night with the glow coming through the greenery. ( I didn't get a good pic)

I think these turned out beautimous and for {seriously} only a couple bucks and about 15 minutes!  Can't beat that!!  I just need to find a nice spot for them.  I still have more fresh stuff so you may be seeing some more projects with them. ;)

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Pine Chandelier

This is so simple but has such an impact and you could do it for little or no cost.  I saw something like this a few years ago in a magazine. Of course I had to add a bit to it. ;) So, first things first. Pine Sprigs. You could totally go in your yard and cut a few springs from a tree, or if you have a real Christmas tree, trim pieces off the bottom. Faux pine sprigs would work as well, but I love the smell of fresh pine. I have a faux tree, so I try to put some real pine around to help bring the smell in.

I first took my ornaments and tied them to some beautiful ribbon. I cut the ribbon in 4 different lengths to have them hang each a little differently. (I forgot to take pics, sorry)  You could get creative with your ornaments.  I just used some balls I had left from my tree.  Next, I started layering on the pine.  I had three different types.  You may need to wire parts to the light.  They way mine is, I was able to sort of wedge them in.  Keep layering until you get your desired thickness and overall look.  There is no wrong or right.  You could do a little or a lot.  Just have fun!!

I changed the bulbs in my light to 40 watt to keep the heat down.  This room gets enough light that we don't turn this on a lot.  If you have more exposed bulbs or a light that gets hot you will want to be careful. (that was for my Dad ;) )  You can also mist your pine to keep it from drying too much.  I did this last year with no problems.

I also made coordinating little swags for my chairs.  A very simple look that is super easy as well.  I just tied on a few sprigs with the ribbon and a ball ornament.  So sweet!  A natural, rustic elegance.

Thanks for looking!  I will be linking up at Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Night Special, It's So Very Cheri, DYI Showoff and ASPTL DYI Day.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Christmas Mantel

I finally got my Christmas Mantel up!  My house is like a crazy Christmas tornado hit it!  I love this time of year and love to make my house all cozy and Christmasy, but I am feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment.  I think it might be that all the other responsibilities of the household don't pause while I play.  Weird, right?  If only laundry was as fun as Christmas decor!  Anyway, here is my mantel and the rest of my decor is soon to come.

I love fireplaces and would have one in every room if I could.  My favorite is really traditional mantels (I will show you my moms soon, it is so pretty)  I have 3 fireplaces in my house and none of them have a "traditional" look.  I feel lucky to have found a home that I didn't build that I love as much as mine.  I don't have my traditional mantel ( do you think I've said traditional enough?), but I do have 3 great fireplaces.  This one is my family room.  The way it is set up, the only place for a TV is on the mantel, which is great, works wonderfully.  Having said this, I imagine a gorgeous mirror, beautiful painting, wreath, etc., when I think traditional mantel.

I used 2 six foot garlands so it would give me plenty to work with.  I wanted it to hang over the edges.  These garlands already have some pine cones and a few different kinds of pine, which I love because it gives it more texture and fullness.  They were $9.99 each.  Also, they weren't exactly alike because one was from last year so here is a little trick.  Instead of hooking them end to end, I cut one in half and hooked one half on each end of the other.  This way both the ends will be the same and it may trick the eye for any differences.  I wrapped them in a set of 100 mini lights.

I stuck in a few berries for some color and then my favorite part...the long hanging pine!  I just bought 4 stems of these at Michaels on sale for like $2 each.  I simply cut off individual pieces and stuck them throughout the garland.  It adds so much interest and dimension.

I found these precious candle holders at Tuesday morning on clearance(of course) for $2.50 each!!  I know, soooo exciting!!  They were originally like $30 each and they are really heavy and nice. I already had these little candle lights on my mantel so I just put them on top of the holder with a sparkly fruit candle ring.  I then added the little shades I got for $2 each at, again, Tuesday Morning. I quite enjoy that store!

It ended up pretty simple and...traditional? :)  All in all it makes my family room feel festive and cozy.  That's the goal here.  Make your home warm and inviting and do what makes you feel good.  I hope ya'll are getting in the Christmas spirit and enjoying your family and friends and this wonderful season!  Warmest Wishes!


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