Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Pine Chandelier

This is so simple but has such an impact and you could do it for little or no cost.  I saw something like this a few years ago in a magazine. Of course I had to add a bit to it. ;) So, first things first. Pine Sprigs. You could totally go in your yard and cut a few springs from a tree, or if you have a real Christmas tree, trim pieces off the bottom. Faux pine sprigs would work as well, but I love the smell of fresh pine. I have a faux tree, so I try to put some real pine around to help bring the smell in.

I first took my ornaments and tied them to some beautiful ribbon. I cut the ribbon in 4 different lengths to have them hang each a little differently. (I forgot to take pics, sorry)  You could get creative with your ornaments.  I just used some balls I had left from my tree.  Next, I started layering on the pine.  I had three different types.  You may need to wire parts to the light.  They way mine is, I was able to sort of wedge them in.  Keep layering until you get your desired thickness and overall look.  There is no wrong or right.  You could do a little or a lot.  Just have fun!!

I changed the bulbs in my light to 40 watt to keep the heat down.  This room gets enough light that we don't turn this on a lot.  If you have more exposed bulbs or a light that gets hot you will want to be careful. (that was for my Dad ;) )  You can also mist your pine to keep it from drying too much.  I did this last year with no problems.

I also made coordinating little swags for my chairs.  A very simple look that is super easy as well.  I just tied on a few sprigs with the ribbon and a ball ornament.  So sweet!  A natural, rustic elegance.

Thanks for looking!  I will be linking up at Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Night Special, It's So Very Cheri, DYI Showoff and ASPTL DYI Day.

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  1. I love all of your beautiful holiday touches.

  2. Ohhh nice! I LOVE real touches of greenery! The way you hung the Christmas balls is pretty sweet.

    Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    FJ Donna

  3. Beautiful! I was just thinking of trying to attempt this myself and now I think I will! =) Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Love the natural elements! Looks great!

  5. Very pretty and great tips. I especially like the sprigs on the backs of the chairs.

  6. That is beautiful! I love the chair garland!!!

  7. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing this and for all the suggestions on how to do it right. I would never have even thought about changing the light bulbs!

    You have a really beautiful blog too. Can't wait to come back and read some of your older posts.

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  8. Hi! I just came across your blog and I wanted to share my site with you since you have cute little girls! I hope youll come and enter my giveaway for some cute hair clips! :)

  9. I love those bronze ornaments. That was on my list to look for this year.
    I am following now and will subscribe if you have that feature-a must have after all my google issues last week.

  10. Wow, I really like this. Very very beautiful! Love your blog too. It is wonderful!


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