Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pillar Candle Holder Moss Trees

Are you starting to think I love moss?  I really do.  These are way fun.  I made a few basic moss trees a few years ago and they turned out really nice.  I have now expanded on the idea by adding bases to these lovely trees!  I think the Shanty Sisters were my inspiration with their cute apothecary jars.  Love them!  All you need is some cone foam pieces, sheet moss, hot glue and pillar candle holders or whatever you want to be the base.  I did a set of three, a pair and a single.  Here we go...

I have had these great candle holders I got at a garage sale a few years ago when I lived in Texas (I miss Texas, loved it, best garage sales and flea markets and good people!).  They are actually old spindles so they have that great weathered kind of shabby chic look.  So I attached the cone foam to the pillar with epoxy and let it set.  You can actually do this at the end as well as I did with the trio I will show you.

Next I started to get mossy with it.  This is messy, but easy to do.  Just apply hot glue in sections and wrap the sheet moss.  You can press around with your hands and form it to the cone and into the glue.  Just be careful ;).  It  is the same process as the Kissing Ball I did here.  Go back around and fill in holes and continue to press and form to the cone.

Now you have your basic tree!  I think even as is they are great.  A simple accent to you holiday and winter decor.  But I will show you some examples of adding ribbon, etc. 

This one (below) I actually use this crazy cool moss "ribbon".  This was a lot less messy and gives it a different look.  So, if you have or can find something like this it works great too.  I just wrapped it around and then filled in some cracks with loose moss pieces.  For the base on this guy, I used a lonely pillar candle holder I got (yep you guessed it!) on clearance because it was so cheap, but never used it.  I knew it had a purpose!!  It only took a couple years to figure it out. ;)

I got few votive candle holders on clearance at Michaels.  I was  staring at them thinking of what I could do with them (they were super cheap and so sweet).  It hit me...bases for my trees!!  So many possibilities.

Here are some more ideas.  I took lots of pics for ya...

I hope this inspires you to get your holiday creativity going!  Happy Decorating!

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  1. I just found your blog from your comment left on Shabby to Chic. I am loving the projects you have done! I too have loved design since I was a little girl and love junk! I am excited to see more of your projects! You should check out my blog and see what you think!

  2. Super cute.... I've got some leftover moss.. thanks for the idea.

  3. I love moss trees too! I actually made one last night and strung my pearls around it! I will be posting it soon!

  4. I saw these and a huge light come on! I have a dozen or so old wooden spools that I have never used but never had the heart to part with them. This is the perfect solution for the spools! Great job...what a cute project!

  5. All you need is some cone foam pieces, sheet moss, hot glue and pillar candle holders or whatever you want to be the base. I did a set of three, ... holderspillar.blogspot.com


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