Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Christmas Mantel

I finally got my Christmas Mantel up!  My house is like a crazy Christmas tornado hit it!  I love this time of year and love to make my house all cozy and Christmasy, but I am feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment.  I think it might be that all the other responsibilities of the household don't pause while I play.  Weird, right?  If only laundry was as fun as Christmas decor!  Anyway, here is my mantel and the rest of my decor is soon to come.

I love fireplaces and would have one in every room if I could.  My favorite is really traditional mantels (I will show you my moms soon, it is so pretty)  I have 3 fireplaces in my house and none of them have a "traditional" look.  I feel lucky to have found a home that I didn't build that I love as much as mine.  I don't have my traditional mantel ( do you think I've said traditional enough?), but I do have 3 great fireplaces.  This one is my family room.  The way it is set up, the only place for a TV is on the mantel, which is great, works wonderfully.  Having said this, I imagine a gorgeous mirror, beautiful painting, wreath, etc., when I think traditional mantel.

I used 2 six foot garlands so it would give me plenty to work with.  I wanted it to hang over the edges.  These garlands already have some pine cones and a few different kinds of pine, which I love because it gives it more texture and fullness.  They were $9.99 each.  Also, they weren't exactly alike because one was from last year so here is a little trick.  Instead of hooking them end to end, I cut one in half and hooked one half on each end of the other.  This way both the ends will be the same and it may trick the eye for any differences.  I wrapped them in a set of 100 mini lights.

I stuck in a few berries for some color and then my favorite part...the long hanging pine!  I just bought 4 stems of these at Michaels on sale for like $2 each.  I simply cut off individual pieces and stuck them throughout the garland.  It adds so much interest and dimension.

I found these precious candle holders at Tuesday morning on clearance(of course) for $2.50 each!!  I know, soooo exciting!!  They were originally like $30 each and they are really heavy and nice. I already had these little candle lights on my mantel so I just put them on top of the holder with a sparkly fruit candle ring.  I then added the little shades I got for $2 each at, again, Tuesday Morning. I quite enjoy that store!

It ended up pretty simple and...traditional? :)  All in all it makes my family room feel festive and cozy.  That's the goal here.  Make your home warm and inviting and do what makes you feel good.  I hope ya'll are getting in the Christmas spirit and enjoying your family and friends and this wonderful season!  Warmest Wishes!


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  1. Your mantel is gorgeous! You did an incredible job on the greenery. It is some of the best I've seen...very tasteful. I really like how it falls down.

  2. It looks beautiful! I love the little wreaths on the fireplace screen.

  3. Your mantel is beautiful! It is fuller and prettier than most I have seen using the green swags. Hugs, cindy S.

  4. Love the nice warm colors of your mantel - and the sweet little lamps on each side.
    Happy day

  5. pk @ Room Remix
    Very warm, cozy, pretty, inviting. Great job! I really like the little wreaths that you put on the fireplace screen - nice touch. Have a good weekend.

  6. Very beautiful...your fireplace is wonderful! Great mantel any time of year I know but with you rtouches, amazing this season!

    Thank you for sharing your home with us!

  7. Your fireplace is gorgeous all by it self, but your decorating took it to the next level. Beautiful work!


  8. Simple and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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