Thursday, September 9, 2010

It’s Amazing What a Little Clearance Fabric Can Do

Nothing super brilliant or unique here today.  Just a 10 minute project that has been left undone for a couple years. I seem to have a lot of those….  Anyway, this chair belonged to my Great Grandma (thanks Grandma!) and it is in excellent shape.  Sturdy.  Finish is good.  Just a crazy old black pleather seat with paint on it.  (not sure why or how?)
IMG_1901 IMG_1909
So I unscrewed the seat, and removed the lovely vinyl. Which BTW revealed some lovely velvety chenille fabric.  It was probably the original and I almost just used it because it is really pretty, so I left it attached but decided for now to cover it with a scrap of clearance fabric.  I was lucky enough that it worked out that I could make sure my pattern was centered in the seat.*  {You can use the existing fabric as a template to cut your new fabric, but I just laid the seat on the fabric and cut around, because that’s how I roll.}  Stapled it on, lemon-y pledged the wood and instantly beautimous!
*When using patterns or stripes you just need to make sure your fabric is lined up how you want it before you start stapling.  I usually start in the center of each side working my way out to the corners.  Make sure you keep your fabric tight and smooth as you work your way around.  My corners just folded in nicely, but if you fabric is super bulky you can cut out a notch.  I am no where near a seat covering expert, so if you want like real instructions you should probably Google it. ;)  I’m just more about the effect it can have.
Seat Covering is really soooo easy and takes soooo little time, but makes a HUGE difference.  Because it is so simple –and in this case, CHEAP! - it is also fun to be able to change it up easily.  You should totally try it!  Or not. Whatever.  It’s really up to you. ;)  You can see another one of my easy seat covers HERE.
…Oh and if you’re curious, this little lady will probably end up at my sewing desk, in my craft room, that someday I will show you. (yes, I have a sewing machine;)

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  1. That looks wonderful! I love seeing how old pieces are getting a new lease on life!

  2. Great fabric choice! The chair looks really beautiful!

  3. That chair is beautiful and the fabric you choose is just perfect. :O)

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