Saturday, August 28, 2010

A {Frugal} Fix


Have I ever told you I love clearance & scratch ‘n dent items?  Well just  in case you missed that, I DO! ;)  One reason being that I love to give new life to otherwise discarded items to make them beautiful and/or functional once again.  Finding something for little of nothing and then making it look fantabulous is  a natural high for me.  LOVE.


Enter these candle holders.  I picked them up for a tiny bit of $ because of the obvious damage.  But I love the chunky shape, slightly aged appearance plus they are sturdy and heavy.


Add a little hot glue, jute and paint…

I first wrapped the jute twine around the cracked areas then stenciled the numbers on.  I decided on the month Mr. Husband and I were married and my two little’s birth months. Very Important Months. :)

IMG_1898  IMG_1899

I really love how they turned out.  Just a little reminder to grab those {not so perfect} items that others may walk by and make them perfect for you.

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  1. Fabulous!!! I just love these! Thanks for sharing and I'm going to make some myself! Great!

  2. Damaged, or not, this is a great idea for adding pizazz to plain anything...lamps, candlesticks, table legs. Got my creative juices flowing!

  3. N-I-C-E!!! I absolutely LOVE them. I want them for myself! BEAUTIFUL!

  4. What a smart fix, they are so cute! You were so smart with the numbers, too. I'd love to copy these.

  5. These look so chic- and very Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware for the fall/winter. Love them and the significance of the numbers :)

  6. What an awesome makeover on these thrifty the look!


  7. You did great on these. They certainly needed help and you went over and beyond. Looking awesome.

    Stop by for a quick minute. Partying with you.

  8. me tooooo...i just went to TJMAXX and saw the most amazing pieces on clearance! These are fantab! I love your ideas:) happy sunday

  9. They look gorgeous, great save! Yes, I like the scratched and dented look also, and it's always cheaper then the new stuff.

  10. These look great. Numbers are huge right now so this is very timely and I really like the jute you used to finish them. Nicely done.
    I would be flattered if you would consider sharing them on my first ever linky party at BeColorful
    Thanks and again, well done.

  11. I adore those!!! They turned out fantastic!

  12. I already commented about the candlesticks but now I have to ask about that wreath in the background. Have you shown it before on here? The little bit of it peaking out looks great.

  13. fabulous job! very polished. love them :)

  14. I love the significance of the numbers! These look great!

  15. I saw you spotlighted on TT and J. How did I miss these? Love them.

  16. These are so cute! Plus I love the wreath/plant or whatever that is peeking out beside them!


  17. Oooh, what a great way to hide the little problem areas! Who doesn't love jute? Great job!

    I hope you can join my link party going on this weekend! Have a great night!


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