Sunday, August 15, 2010

Displaying Your Collections


IMG_1669  IMG_1670

{Gathering} like items or collections and grouping them together can make an interesting display in your home. 

For instance, arranging my eclectic collection of lanterns together makes more of a statement than having them displayed around my home separately. 

   The varied sizes and shapes give the display interest and the overall effect of the collection makes an impact. Weed out your items to find the most eye pleasing pieces that work the best to compliment each other.

Keep in mind the scale of the items to the area you are displaying them in.  A lot of tiny knick knacks would not work well in this area. Grouped together, my lanterns fill up this alcove nicely without being too busy.


What collections do you have to make a decorative grouping?  Shop your home and get these pieces together to create an interesting and impactful display.

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  1. What a great collection and display! I find that I could group a lot of crowns and fleur de lis - I think I might have too many!


  2. Krista this really looks beautiful. I adore the wreath and it's unique shape. Great ideas!

  3. I have my eyes on that wreath back there.


  4. Love your vignette. Love your wreath. You have done it up so well.


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