Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mini Totes {kids craft}


Throughout the summer we have been trying to stay busy and making a few fun crafts along the way.  This one we made for my girls, sister and nieces to sell to make $ to donate to a charity.  They have a little group they call {K-JAM} and throughout the year they earn money and then donate it to various good causes.  It is so fun to see them get excited about helping other and I am so proud of them!

IMG_1222   IMG_1221   IMG_1220IMG_1232 IMG_1225
This was really so simple and fun for them.  We purchased these small bags 3/$1 at the dollar store and then embellished them with things we had around the house {flowers, jute, burlap, tags and scrapbook supplies, etc.}  We used hot glue and little brads to attach everything to the bags.  The brads worked great because they could go right through the material of the bags.

They were so happy with how they turned out. 
A fun, quick and simple project!


  1. So fun and way adorable...u should have no problems selling these cuties:) good job!

  2. How cute! And so simple too! Would be fun birthday party craft!


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