Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Touch of {Green}


Here we go again…I’ve changed up my little cabinet for the new season. ;) 

I’m bringing on the GREEN

One reason being that it is March/St.Patrick’s Day and another being that I am so wishing for green outside!!  I also wanted to keep it more simple and clean because I am feeling the need for a clean slate this time of year.

IMG_1187IMG_1185  IMG_1183 IMG_1182 IMG_1179

I brought out my garage sale shutters and stacked them up for some height and depth.  I left the little wood box because it give some height plus we hide keys & stuff in the cubby on the back.  Works nicely by the door.  {Genius, I know.}  

The only other things I added is my tin pitcher with some pussy willow branches and some Bells of Ireland (seemingly festive although they are not even native to Ireland), and a little ball of greens on a mossy birds nest.

I kept one of the little love birds from my Valentine Vignette nested on top of one of the thrift store candle sticks.  Sadly, the other little love bird had a tragic death.  Mr. Husband accidently knocked it off while putting on his coat one day.  I told him I hoped it wasn’t a sign that our love was dying….He said it was a sign. A sign that I shouldn’t place breakable items near the coat rack.  ba-dum ching ;)


What do ya think?  Spring-y, clean and GREEN? 

Oh good, because that’s what I was going for. :)

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  1. I love it! If you can't have green outside, at least you can bring it in. :)

  2. Spring-y shades of green are so fresh and welcoming. Love the Bells of Ireland and the shutters behind. Nice vignette.

  3. as always, gorgeous vignette!

    love the green with the black shutters & gray cabinet. awesome color contrast.

    thanks for linking up!


  4. Beautiful! I love the shutters and the cabinet. What a pretty pantry door.


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