Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adding a Personal Touch with Photos


Using great family photos in your decor is a great way to add interest and character and really personalize your space.

I have always LOVED photos.  Taking pictures, displaying pictures, even being in pictures…sometimes.;) Growing up I my room was plastered with photos of friends and family and every where I went I took pictures.  In all the homes we have lived in I always had a lot of photos of family & friends displayed.  For whatever reason in our current home I don’t have as many out.

Anyway, I am working on tweaking our family room. 

I  found this great fabric {for a steal!} to make my curtains out of. 


I will be sharing the updates, but I am basically cutting out a lot of the reds and adding in more warmth and personality, like with some Family Photos.

Here is the before…


And the after…


I used the big mirror as a ledge to lean my pictures on.  Get creative.  You don’t have to just hang everything on the walls.  Layering these frames like this, again adds interest and dimension to this wall.  These are some of my favorite pictures and displaying them like this was an instant warm up for this room…and my heart. :)

  Once I get the curtains up I will start on pillow, throws, etc. 

Did you notice the new lamp shade?  Much better. 

I am also deciding what color to paint the little end table…any suggestions? :)

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