Monday, May 9, 2011

Quick Fix {Furry, Fuzzy Ottoman}


Do you have small little projects waiting for you, but you keep putting them off?  I don’t know why I do this, but I let a 5 min something loom over my head for 5 weeks!  Dumb.  ANYWAY…

  Our poor little ottoman has seen better days.  I bought it a few years back and it has served us well housing many different items as well as propping up tired feet.

During last few weeks it took a turn for the worse.  The fabric suddenly popped open and was in desperate need of some recovering.  I have been completely putting it off  deciding what fabric to use, but in the meantime it was a huge eyesore in our family room.  I was thinking of doing something more interesting like The Nester’s fur ottoman, but never got around to finding some fur like hers.

Well, last week I was in my Grandma’s sewing room {which is more like a mini fabric store} and I saw this faux fur.  She gladly offered it to me to try out...{because she is wonderfully awesome like that!}

IMG_1621-1 IMG_1623-1

Literally less than 5 minutes later.

It was so simple but makes such a difference.  It’s a bit shorter than The Nester’s,  but I quite like it’s new fuzzy coat and it is super soft!

I have a few more of these simple little tasks that I know will make a big difference.  If you are in the same boat, lets knock out some of these smaller projects that help our homes feel more put together, ultimately removing some clutter from our brains…are ya with me?! ;) 

Please excuse my excessive enthusiasm over such a small project, but I’ve been such a slack job lately, it feels GREAT!

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  1. Hi Krista! You are an inspiration to me to get some projects done and not let them "hang over my head". I love your turned out wonderfully.


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