Friday, October 7, 2011

Quick {inexpensive} Halloween Touches

IMG_0458 IMG_0428IMG_0426
Are you feeling like you just decorated for fall and the thought of going all out for Halloween seems to much?  By simply adding in these dollar store black crows to my Fall Wreath, Mantel, and Centerpiece I have given my home a spooky Halloween flair.  You could use bats or spiders & simple webs as well. 
In no time at all my home went from fall to Halloween.  Then when October is over all you have to do is remove your creepy friends and your fall decor will take you right through the Thanksgiving season!


  1. Krista, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that wreath!!! LOVE IT!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. Cute wreath. Thats what I do every year. I just add halloween to my existing fall decor and after halloween is over I take that down and leave up my fall through Thanksgiving! WOrks great.

  3. Love the black birds. You are right, they can make anything a bit spooky and then be taken down easily after Halloween :) I love your wreath. and the tied up books. and the urn. I'll stop.


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