Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Touches

As far as Christmas decor this year, I didn’t add very much ‘new’.  If you missed my Christmas House last year you can see it all {HERE}. 
I did add a couple new things though…
photo 2 (8)
My Grandma gave me a box of ornaments and when I found these little guys I remembered I had seen {this} on Pinterest.  I have hung ornaments from my chandelier  before, but love the delicate simplicity of this look.
photo 3 (8)
I also added this vignette.  I kept my Thanksgiving Sign up because I am very thankful at Christmas too…oh, aaaand, I love it;)  I created this little holiday “tree” in under 5 minutes with supplies I had on hand.  A few iced cherry blossom branches stuck in a French bucket and little Christmas signs pinned on with clothespins. A few Santa touches and this spot was finished.
I am feeling like next year I want to change up my Christmas Decorations.  With out losing the special pieces that we love getting out every year, experiencing that warm nostalgic feeling.  
What about you?  Do you change it up each year or keep things the same?


  1. Pretty decorations. I seem to just keep adding and adding to the old. It's hard to eliminate.

  2. Love the country charm.
    Looks wonderful!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. The green bucket with twigs is my favorite thing.

  4. I change my decorations each year because I don't have many special ones collected yet. I love how you have decorated your home.

  5. Isn't Pinterest the best for design ideas? I might have to put the oraments from the chandy idea in my personal file for next year.

    Great job with your decorations!

  6. This is's rustically elegant and I LOVE THAT!!

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays,

  7. Lovely photos. I add to the old decorations a little each year and look forward to seeing them as we get them out of the loft...Gail x

  8. Love those glass ornaments on your chandy! So elegant and pretty! :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. Everything looks great! I think that the give thanks sign would look great all year round! I know for myself that it never hurts to be reminded of that!

  10. What a beautiful space you have created. Those glass ornaments are gorgeous.

  11. Love the glass baubles ! Happy Christmas ! Gail x

  12. I change up my decorations each year using mostly the same stuff but switching it out. Of course, I always go shopping the day after Christmas and buy new stuff that I get to unwrap a year later! Great job.

  13. It all looked adorable. I hope you had an amazing Christmas and that twenty twelve is everything you wish for and more. I am so glad I found you. I will follow on my way out so I can revisit. I hope you can find the time to come visit me and do the same. I look forward to engaging throughout the year. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  14. LOVE those how they are hung! SO pretty!


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