Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Wreath Tutorial

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I was cleaning out my craft room yesterday, became distracted (imagine that) and instead of organizing, I made a Spring wreath for my front door.  My winter wreath was looking a little sad and didn’t really go with the bit of Spring green that had started popping up in our yard.  Getting this cheery wreath up on the door made me feel excited for the upcoming seasons…
…and then, last night it snowed.  ???  Typical;)
Anyway, I thought I’d share a few tips for creating your own Spring wreath.
To create a Spring wreath similar to mine, you will need…
twiggy wreath base (I used a pussy willow, curly willow mix), spring berries, spring flowers, spring greens, ribbon of choice, moss, wire, hot glue
Some Helpful Tips…
1. First measure out your desired length of ribbon, loop around your wreath and tie in a bow.  *I used a green burlap wired ribbon & left enough length to clear the top of my twigs.
2. Next, stick in your berries and flowers going with the direction of the wreath.  Place them in a pleasing way, dispersing the color but not making them too patterned or placed.  Secure them with hot glue and/or wire. * I like them to look as if they are “growing”  right out of the wreath.
3. For added texture and color, fill in with sprigs of greenery in varying lengths. Insert the greenery at differing angles for a three-dimensional look.
4. Glue in bits of moss to add more texture and to cover any visible stems or glue.
5. To attach the birds nest, loop wire through the bottom of the nest and then wrap it around the wired base of the wreath to secure.
6.  If using a wreath hanger, loop a small length of just twine through your knot.  This will give you something to hang on the hook, but not cover up your bow. *You can use a shorter length than I have shown to minimize visibility.
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And there you have it. 
   There is no right or wrong, as long as you like it.  Have fun with it.  Oh, and don’t be too worried about making it perfect…there is no such thing;) 
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Happy Spring!!
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  1. This is beautiful! Featured on my site today!

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  3. Oh, so pretty! Very spring-like. Karen

  4. stunning, as usual!

    you have such talent!

    pinned this for you. it's incredible.


    1. Thanks sweet friend:) You are the usual!! xoxo

  5. This is a real beauty-love the curly willow and added berries-following from Southern Hospitality-stop on by for a visit!!

  6. You make it look so easy! Did you use real curly willow and berries, etc.? It looks fabulous, and I love the ribbon!!
    I'm your newest follower...:)

  7. Oh my, take a bow!

    You've put a "spring" in my step with your creative loveliness.

    Have a blessed day!


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