Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rose Art {a way to display your dried flowers}


10th anniversary

In case I haven’t told you I am one lucky girl who is married to an amazing man I love more and more each day.  Last year was our 10th wedding anniversary and this thoughtful guy sent me a dozen roses for each year of our marriage. {quick math—120 long stem red roses!}  I was so surprised and excited with the first dozen.  As the delivery man just kept bringing in the roses, I stood there in awe.  Mr. Husband makes me feel loved on a daily bases, but sometimes it is fun to have something totally unexpected happen to make you feel completely swept away. All I needed next was him to swoop in on a white horse and take me away to a little chateau nestled in an Italian vineyard….spending our days, basking in the warmth of the golden sun and our love…haha, sorry just me daydreaming again.  He did take me to Napa Valley and that was amazing!  One of these days I want to share our trip with you.  It was my fave!!  Ok, I know, enough of this gushy love stuff. ;)  I really just want to show you what I did with some of the flowers.  Back to reality…

IMG_0953 IMG_0954

I had this clearance frame that I picked up for a couple bucks because it was missing the glass.  I simply cut the stems off of the roses and hot glued them in the frame.  {a shadow box would be great to use as well}  As I glued them in, I also stuck in moss pieces to fill in the spaces.

IMG_1124   IMG_1120   

And that was it…So easy!  I really like how it turned out.  A simple and unique way to display your dried flowers.


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  1. that looks amazing, I am not normally one for dried flowers but I love how that looks. The frame is very elegant too.

  2. Looks so fab, you lucky lady you!


  3. This is gorgeous! I love it! Great job. :)

  4. When hubby brings me roses then I'm doing this! So pretty. Now whenever that will be. :)

  5. Just gorgeous! What a wonderful way to preserve the memory of you darling hubby's gift!


  6. This is just perfect! I absolutely adore your idea. And it turned out just beautiful. :)

  7. This is a great idea and a perfect way to hold onto those gorgeous flowers! Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired this month.


  8. What a creative and lovely thing to do with your roses.

    Sorry, if it seems like I am stalking you tonight. I have a few minutes and am sure enjoying looking at your past posts.


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