Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Flowers

Good Morning :)  My family and I just returned from a wonderful little Spring Break getaway.  It was not the best weather, but still so nice to have a little reprieve from the day to day.  I’m feeling rested and motivated to get my house all Spring cleaned and freshened up…starting with my front door.


For something a little different I decided on a spring planter.

I used an iron wall basket, but you could use a wicker basket or even find something more unique like a watering can or metal planter.

 IMG_1371  IMG_1374

I put in foam blocks covered with moss {using wire and hot glue to secure the moss to the foam} and then just added in my (4) little flowering bushes.  Bushes like this are great to use because they are so forgiving.  You can insert them at different angles to have the flowers fall slightly over the edge. I wanted a full wild flower look…I may even go get some more to add in.

To add some rustic charm I tied a strip of burlap around the base of the iron basket.  This also helps hold the moss all in.  I purposely left the frays and strings of the burlap to give off a carefree natural feel.


There you have it…A super quick and simple project that gives color and interest to your front door.  I hope my tips help you to create your own.

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  1. Krista it's beautiful, full and looks almost real! The planter is so out-of-the oridinary, not your typical wreath which makes it so fresh and easy on the eyes.

  2. that's gorgeous! it's nice to get away for a while! welcome back;)

  3. Great idea with the burlap, love it.

  4. Your designs are really beautiful!

  5. Your wreath looks beautiful! Makes me even more anxious for this crazy weather to turn warm!

  6. That is so cute and fresh and welcoming. It looks so Frency with the burlap tied around it. Now I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my wire wall basket. So pretty.

  7. This is GORGEOUS! The burlap is the PERFECT touch!

  8. I love this. Unfortunately it will not work with my storm door. Beautiful ...


  9. really beautiful! and it looks good on your front door!!!


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