Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I’ve Been Working On

This isn’t gonna be pretty, but I thought I’d give ya a peek inside my house & show you what I’ve up to lately with my Family Room Update.

We finally hung my new curtain rod & casually stuck up the curtains…err, fabric. Or as the Nester says, window “mistreatments” :)

I LOVE the fabric and not just because I snagged it for a steal. It’s pretty, nice quality and it has deer on it. What more could I want?!


So here it is…  {crappy picture} Ladder, drill, haphazard decor, mess and all. 

I promise it will look better soon!

And for the record, we didn’t have any help from

IMG_1390 IMG_1391

     Her                    nor                    Him.


Happy Easter Weekend!

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  1. i love them:) great color....gosh if my house looked this great when we were working on something, i'd be in aweeeeee:)

  2. Very beautiful and stylish model of inspiration house. The house color and style makes it more unique.

    Maybe I can try this on my condo. :)

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