Sunday, April 25, 2010

Carry Hope Suitcase Ministry



So I finally finished my suitcase project for the Carry Hope Suitcase Ministry.  I don’t know if you have heard, but Amanda over at A Lovely Place to Land has started The DI4Y project

Short for "do-it-for-you," The DI4Y Project is a grassroots movement with one goal: To inspire you to think about using your gift to show the world that love is an action and not an empty promise.

Amanda has been involved in helping Hope Hill Children’s Home.

 Hope Hill Children's Home in Hope, Kentucky. Founded in 1960 as an orphanage for boys and girls, Hope Hill has evolved over the years into a residential treatment facility that provides a safe, therapeutic environment for young girls with histories of sexual abuse, neglect and chronic runaway issues. Of the 42 girls between the ages of 12 and 18 that live here, nearly half of them are undergoing therapy for alcohol and drug abuse. And an overwhelming number of them have been placed as many as 20 times. The mission at Hope Hill is to make this their final stop before finding a stable and loving home. Until then, it’s up to the staff of teachers, counselors and religious leaders to be the source of the love these girls so long for and deserve.

When the girls arrive at Hope Hill, the little they own is packed in a garbage bag. Through the Carry Hope Suitcase Ministry hosted by A Lovely Place to Land during the month of April, we can make sure the girls of Hope Hill don't have to leave carrying that garbage bag.

They are looking for 50 volunteers to provide a suitcase for one of these girls.  When I heard about this I was so moved and very excited to maybe help brighten the life of a young girl in need.  For more info go check out the website, TheDI4YProject.  Amanda has a great idea here and I am thankful for her and the reminder to use are talents to give to others.  Even if it is just little, a lot of littles make a BIG. ;)  I am hoping to continue to be involved in helping Amanda with this great cause.  Check it out!

Ok, here is how I made over this suitcase.  I found a hard shell suitcase at the thrift store for $3.99.  I had to convince Mr. Husband that, no I did not buy it for him and yes although he would look snazzy traveling with it,  I was indeed going to give it away. Yes, he really did want it.


I taped the handle and the latches and then spray painted the rest in a fun pink.


Then, with help from an extra special helper, I attached scrapbook cutouts with spray adhesive.  I also used some vinyl pieces.

IMG_0766  IMG_0767

Once I had them arranged  I free handed some words on with a sharpie.

Love, grow, enjoy, inspire… etc.

IMG_0782  IMG_0783



I then applied Mod Podge all over.  Once this dried I sprayed the whole thing in a clear coat.

For a little fun, I added some scrap ribbon to the handle.  I just cut it in various lengths and tied it around. 


And she was finished!  Now, I have to convince my daughters that, no they cannot keep it, and yes we will make a suitcase for each of them. ;)

IMG_0769  IMG_0770

I decided to put a little book of inspirational quotes inside.  I made a simple mini scrapbook out of paper bags and added in some of my favorite quotes and sayings.  I didn’t have it finished for this post because my printer is not printing! (*%($*%) But, I plan on printing out the quotes and then tying it with ribbon.


This was such a fun and simple little project!  You could decorate it to match a bedroom to store toys, art supplies, magazines, etc.  Or as… a suitcase!  The possibilities are endless.  Stripes, fabric, photos…  It would be fun for any little girl (or big girl) in your life, but if you want to help Amanda with her Carry Hope Suitcase Ministry  , check it out!

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  1. This is INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much. Really, thank you isn't enough :)

  2. what a sweet gift ! It turned out super cute and I really like the inspirational book to go with the suitcase for the was neat that you got your little one to help with it too! Great job!

  3. This is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my!! The suitcase is adorable. I hope you show the finished quote book. I need visuals! Great job!!


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