Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Mantel

The Nester is hosting a mantel party and I am actually feeling a bit like a party animal today.  Especially when this certain party involves one of my favorite things…Mantels.  Mmmmm. Love.
I recently changed up my mantel area in my living room.  Notice I say “mantel area” because like I have whined said before, I have 3 fireplaces in my house and none of them have a “traditional” mantel.  For a girl who loves mantels this is a little hard, but I am so grateful I have 3 fireplaces {i heart them} and I have fun challenging myself to decorate around them.  (Don’t you worry, I have a plan to transform this one and add some mantelish-ness to it…one day.)
This alcove is actually so beautiful. With the plastered wall and the curve on the top, it is so unique and different.  Because of this I always seem to have a problem decorating it.  I way over analyze it because I feel like I never get it to reach it’s full potential.  But, I keep trying.  I have had it a million different ways.  How boring would life be if we didn’t have any decorating challenges, right?
Thanks for checking out my Spring Mantel.  Hop on over to the party and check out all the amazing mantels…so fun!  Oh and by the way, the sun has been out at my house for the last couple days.  YAY!

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  1. Oh so beautiful! I love the niche and all of the natural elements you used. The wreath is gorgeous!


  2. HEY! I came right over after I found your comment! So happy to meet you...and WOWIE WOW...mantels usually don't make me want to reach out and touch them, but yours did! It's beautiful!

    I can just see that alcove piled high with wood in the winter, which might be weird, don't ask me...I'm the one with the pots in my fireplace.

  3. How very pretty! I love the white birds and the white cachepot---so springy!

  4. Oh so pretty!!! I love birds--so I am loving your mantle!! Thanks for letting me stop by and take a peek at your beautiful mantle.

  5. I love this! I love everything about it! Gorgeous!

  6. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments! I love the wood idea!


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