Friday, April 30, 2010

One Of My Favorites…

So far in my blogging adventures, I haven’t shared too many rooms in my home. So, today I thought I would share one of my favorite rooms, my ‘baby’s’ bedroom.  One reason being that she is 4 going on 15 so I thought I better document this sweet space before she wants a bedroom makeover, and another reason being that it was actually quite clean….for the moment. ;)

IMG_0790  IMG_0796 IMG_0804

My little sister and my oldest daughter both had rooms similar to this one so when they moved on I had a whole lot of fun decor to choose from to mold into this space.  So most of what you see are items passed down, or made from bargain finds. 

I love, love the chandelier in here.  It was one of my very first purchases when Mr. Husband and I married.  It was from PB and it was black.  (Don’t worry, I bought it from a discount store, of course.)  It has followed us with all our moves and now has a nice aged white finish.  I added the little shades I bought from Big Lots for $2.99 each, and the cord cover I got for a steal off of eBay. 

The blessing dress was mine and my Mom painted the little angel pic on the right.  She is so talented in so may ways! I love adding personal, sentimental pieces in decorating.  It makes the space special and ‘yours’.

IMG_0805 IMG_0823

I found the aged tin and barn wood on eBay and simply hung it from some ribbon.  I loaded the top of this pretty armoire with fun stuff and hung a cottage-y wreath I made above.


More sweet stuff from my Mom’s house.


I bought this furniture from my Mom. (more like she gave it to me…she is so good to me) It was my little sister’s and I always loved it!  The bedding was my older daughter’s until she decided she wanted her big girl roomIt was Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic line from Target.  Still so pretty.

IMG_0821  IMG_0819

I love this little cupboard.  I picked it up at a yard sale for $10!  It had the chippy aged paint, I just cleaned it up good and put a clear varnish on it.  I added the little crystal knobs too.  (sorry the lamp and it’s cord need adjusting)

IMG_0799  IMG_0802 IMG_0800

IMG_0824 IMG_0803IMG_0809 
And just so you know a little girl really does live here… A few pictures of all the toys I “hid” for the pictures. ;)
I hope y’all have rooms in your home that make you smile.  Remember that’s the direction you need to take when decorating.  Do what makes you feel good and comfortable.  Stay true to you, do what works for your family and it will all come together.
  Thanks for stopping by. :)

P.S.  When I was finishing up this post, the little princess who lives in this room brought me a piece of scrapbook paper saying, “these are the colors I want my room to be”.  It looks like my days with this room I love so much may be numbered.

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  1. oh thats so pretty; just how I'd like for my little girl's room to look! thank you for sharing!

  2. Very pretty 17yr old daughter would still love a room that looked like that...she has always liked pink!

  3. The room is so beautiful!! Perfect for a little girl. Although I like it so much I wouldn't mind it being my room! :)

  4. What a sweet room! I would have loved a room like this growing up :)

  5. The room is so sweet and girly! You did a great job. Enjoy it while you can. I just redid my 8 yo's room in December. Good bye shabby chic and hello hot pink, black & white!

    I am visiting from NFF! Come by and see me too!

  6. What an adorable little girl's room. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you can stop on over for a short visit at the same party.

  7. What a sweet, lovely and charmingly adorable lil
    girls room. What lil girl would not love that,
    or big girl for that matter!! lol
    Love love love all of your accessorizing details, simply beautiful and so romantic. Makes me just want to move right in!! lol
    Great job Mom!!
    Now I want to see the rest of your house, cause if it is anywhere close to this room, I know it is gorgeous.
    Blessings, Nellie

  8. What a charming room! Someday your daughter will look at these pictures and regret trading in such prettiness for something else!
    Beautiful ... and especially so because of all the family treasures and memories you have used.
    Wonderful -- Cass

  9. I can see why it is one of your is just darling! Every single detail is wonderful!

    I am off for another peek;)!


  10. What a sweet little girl's room. And I LOVE the $10 pink cabinet!!!

  11. What a beautiful room! I love all of the little details that make is so special! My girls would probably die of happiness if I was able to decorate a room like that for them.

    Thanks so much for linking to the parade!

  12. What a sweet room! I got nuthin' but boys over here!!! :) Love all the detail you've added and sentiments!

  13. What a beautiful room. It's so girly and fresh looking. I love the chandelier painted white.

  14. So lovely & charming! I hope your daughter doesn't want to change her room too soon!

  15. You are marvelous. That room is so precious and gorgeous that I simply cannot wait to stop living this fast life in condo/town homes and get our own to do these very things:) Ebay is great and Big Lots too:) Your just like me-hiding the mess to get good pics:) Love it!

  16. I don't blame you for loving that little is precious! I love all the little sweet details and hope you can convince your little gal to enjoy it just a little longer! They grow up too fast! Great job incorporating so many fun ideas!

  17. so cute and girly - i am especially loving the old tin in the barn wood :)

  18. That space is so precious. The attention to detail is perfect. You are very talented and creative.

    Hope you had a nice Mother's Day. :)

  19. It's so beautiful Krista! It looks like a fairy tale full of charming elegance. Love it! :)

  20. What a fun way to remember all the amazing things from the room to document! It's gorgeous!

  21. What a sweet room. You're right, enjoy it while you can.


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