Saturday, May 15, 2010

Framing an Update

Seriously!  Where does the time go?  I have been busy doing fun things around the house, but haven’t been very good about blogging about them.  Here is a little one that is a breath of fresh air for me.  We had family pictures last fall and I have only managed to hang up one picture until now. Slacker!


So here is the before.  Precious, precious pictures that I love, but I just grew bored of the arrangement.  I am going to do something different with these pics, but there time in this area has come to an end.


Here is the after.  Loving the update.  I’ve got my beautiful pictures displayed, added some warmth and color to my kitchen, AND did it for a bargain.  Here is the breakdown…

IMG_0951 IMG_0965IMG_0911

Love me some Hobby Lobby clearance.  Found this great shelf for $6.  Although the paint finish is lovely, it just wasn’t working for  my idea.  I sprayed it out with Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Next these super cute little frames for $2.80 each…reg $13.  Sprayed them out in the same.  The bigger frames were $4 and $6.  They had a some minor damage.  Don’t let this stop you!  Just play off of it and add some more!  I dinged and banged and sanded them up and then I painted them with American Accents Oregano.  Then I heavily sanded them and glazed them.  I am so pleased with how they turned out.


The big guy, didn’t have glass and I needed a mat.  For the mat I simply wrapped the back in burlap, glued my picture on and then trimmed it out with jute twine and upholstery tacks.  A total custom look with stuff I had around the house.  For the glass, I picked up a garage sale picture in the same size for $2 and swapped it out.

IMG_0971  IMG_0969   IMG_0970IMG_0972 IMG_0974

As far as the arranging goes, I am kinda a fly by the seat of my pants gal.  There are many great ways to make a layout and measure and all that stuff, but I would rather eyeball it and make 45 holes in my walls.  Doesn’t that make more sense? LOL.  I did measure a little, and I did use the level on my iphone to make sure the shelf was straight.  I get points for that, right?  (For those who are itching because the picture on the bottom right needs to be bumped in, don’t fear.  After I took these shots, I moved in it a bit.  Phew! I know.)  But for real,  if you are curious, I will share my “eyeballing” techniques when I do the whole reveal of this room.  Like how high to hang pictures, etc.


I like using a shelf with a wall arrangement in order to get more of a layered look.  Also, throwing in a different element like the tin tile frames adds interest.  Then for some more color, softness and texture, I casually stuck in some silk flowers.
It feels so nice to finally have these pictures up!  We didn’t spend all this time and money on these beautiful pictures so they could sit on a disc or in a closet.  Does anyone else do this?  Get your pictures on display!  Family photos add such a warmth and personal touch to your home.  They don’t have to be professional either.  Snap some photos of your kids or get out those vacation photos and put them out to enjoy.  Little details like this make a home.

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  1. Good move! That turned out great! :) I like walls that have a lot of interest, and this really does it for me!


  2. I really like your photo display! Everything is so sweet and love that little shelf snuck in there. :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. I really like the changes, too. I'm going to have to check out the oregano paint. I'm glad you've stopped slackin' ;).

  4. That looks great. I love the shelf/layering look. I'm a huge fan of ORB and distressing! I have a whole wall I've done with black frames and some lovely pics we have of the kiddos. It's so great to see some fun memories displayed all the time!

  5. You sure are a girl after my own heart! Who needs a level anyway! My husband might get me a new cell phone if he knew there was one with a level on it! I cannot believe that...happy here on the information dirt road! Love the new look of the sophisticated ! It makes those already fab photos really pop!


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