Friday, January 21, 2011

The Day to Day

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I am so empowered by the many braves souls who have linked up to The Decor Chick’s Party that I decided to bite the bullet and join in.  So many times I get overwhelmed with my own life and wonder why I can’t do it all like ‘so & so’.  In blogland and magazines everybody’s lives look clean and organized and PERFECT!  I am sure in some cases this is true, but I am pretty sure in most cases we are all just humans trying to do our best and enjoy life along the way.

Without further ado…


The Kitchen. 

Now I am going to be honest with you.  The day I took these pictures was a mild kitchen mess day.  Not sure why it looked somewhat decent, but the mornings it looks like this are ‘good’ days. ;)



The Family Room.

This is pretty typical of our family room on a day to day basis.  It seems as though no matter what I do ‘stuff’ just appears.  And MAGICALLY reappears. 

On this given day we have quite an array of items…laundry, cinnamon bears, puppy pee pee cleaner, jelly toast and because a nice Christmas story is always a great read mid January…a basket of Christmas books!

I must say I do love the vignette on the side table.  Starbursts,  a pillow and strategically placed crooked lamp shade. ;)  Have a seat on the bench, lean back and relax… on the garland!  Haha, I love how things end up in odd places.

 IMG_1012 IMG_1011 

The Garage Entry and Dreaded Laundry Room.

I like to make it as hard as possible to get inside these doors, you know, to deter intruders. My laundry room is not spacious and I know you have heard be whine about it and my lack of mudroom before, but you can see the usual outcome of the situation.  Don’t you think the new puppy crate fits perfectly in the area?

Whoa, I need to go clean something now…feeling overwhelmed;)  Good thing we aren’t alone, right?  I could have shared LOTS of unfinished projects, and even more unorganized rooms, but I didn’t want you to stop reading my blog all together or call TLC & put me on Hoarders! lol:) 

That is the beauty of a new day…to learn and grow and try to be your best self and do better.  Let’s not be too hard on ourselves.  Try to to take it all in stride, don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember what is most important in your life.


  1. Thanks for making me feel normal! kitchen is gorgeous!!!!

  2. Thanks for being real!! My house is the same way on a daily basis I try my best to clean it up every night it just gets chaos!! Your kitchen is GORG I love the molding on your cabinets.. SO pretty!

  3. **moving in next week, love your house too much...will trade spaces with your puppy, my puppy needs a friend anyway...make room**

  4. Your house is beautiful! Your kitchen is so so pretty! Thanks for sharing your real life. It was fun to get a glimpse.

  5. I love it! It is real and that is the way that life is! My entry way looks EXACTLY like that! It is my laundry/mud/entry/dog room and it is small! Thank you for sharing these, what a great party!

    Your kitchen is gorgeous by the way, love those cabinets!! :)

  6. i think i just bought the same creamer!:) haha!

  7. I love when people post these types of posts. I see everyone's gorgeous houses and feel bad about mine having clutter here and there. It makes me feel better knowing that other people don't have magazine-worthy houses 24-7.

    Love the blog and LOVE your kitchen!!!


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