Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scottish Terrier Print {Idea from Ballard}

When I saw this print in the Ballard catalog I LOVED it immediately knew I wanted it for my Mom’s Christmas gift.  She has 3 Scottish Terriers {which are her babies} and this vintage print catches the “scottie” perfectly.  I love to give a personal Christmas gift with a lot of thought, especially to my wonderful Mom.

I did not however love the $169.oo price tag. ;)



So as I read about the print I found that it was a copy of an illustration in a children's book from the 1930’s by an artist named  Diana Thorne

Which made it even more perfect because my mom loves Scottie’s, antiques and she is a talented artist…score!:)


I  checked on Ebay and found a page out of this book with the illustration for $14.99.  It was  an 8x10 nicely matted in an acid free 11 x 14 mat. (The seller was great by the way!)  I bought a frame from Joanns at 60% off and put in the sweet little book page.  Mind you the Ballard on is bigger at 27 x 27, but I achieved the overall look for a fraction of the price!


 I bought a smaller coordinating one as well.


I love them and my Mom was really excited and touched:) 

Sorry the pictures aren’t great, it was sort of an afterthought to share this with you.  But seriously look how easy inexpensive it can be to duplicate something that may be out of your budget…. 

AND doing it yourself is definitely more rewarding!

Thanks again Ballard Designs…XOXO!



  1. I love Ballard Designs, but everything I seem to like is way more than I can afford. I think it's great how you were inspired to make these terrier prints for much less! I love terriers too. In fact, I own an Airedale terrier and a Welsh terrier too. I bet your mom really loves her new prints. I know that I would!

  2. I love a great knockoff! What an awesome gift!

  3. You did great! That was really thoughtful of you. I really think that yours turned out much better!


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