Monday, June 6, 2011

Quick Change Mirror

I’ve had this little mirror for years, but as of late she’s just been chillin’ in storage.
I love the shape of it and the details on the edges, but I was over the flowers and wanted some color added to our family room.  I very casually painted the frame leaving the edges alone for a layered & aged look.
~I  used a little sample bottle of Glidden paint called Slate Green. I love using these samples for small projects like this.  Since I wanted a ‘not-so-perfect’ look for this mirror I evened used the little brush included to paint. ~
  IMG_1771     IMG_1981
Literally took me under 5 minutes…what do you think?


  1. I love it, Krista! I think she's been given a new lease on life! The shape is so great, but I think the flowers before distracted from that.

  2. You make me realize, to look just at the shape of something and not the colors or patterns. How perfect.


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