Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Put Some Meaning in Your Decor

Using numbers in home decor is nothing new, but if you use numbers with special meaning it can add such a personal touch to your home along with being an interesting conversation piece.
I had been wanting to incorporate the number 96 into our family room for a while, so when I saw Leen the Graphics Queen was doing a fundraiser with her number decals, I thought it was a great time to order my numbers.  She was raising money for the tornado victims and ended up raising $500!  (You can read about it {HERE}.) Thanks Leen for wonderful decals, excellent customer service and for lending help to those in need.:)
I have had these wood candle chargers for years and they were just collecting dust.  I lightly painted them with the  Glidden paint sample I used on my little mirror.  Next, I simply attached my number decals.  I then took some tape and pressed in on the paint in a few areas to give a more worn look.
Easy as that!
I love projects like this…super easy, a meaningful display and definitely one of a kind.
They don’t have a permanent home as of yet, but I really am pleased with how they turned out and I know they will add character & interest to our family room. *BTW, for some reason in the pictures the 9 looks duller than the 6, but it really isn’t*
Oh, & why 96 you ask?  It’s the year Mr. Husband & I met…aww, presh, I know;)
Here are a couple more projects where I subtly added some meaningful numbers…

The 36th Avenue


  1. Oh how I love using letters and numbers in our home decor!

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  3. Very cool project, using the chargers was a great idea. We have a canoe paddle on the wall in our family room that I added '725' to, our anniversary day/month.

  4. I love numbers and letters! great idea. I saved your idea so if i do something similar i will link back to you! thinking tiles?

  5. Krista - Found your blog through Share Awesomeness. Great idea for using numbers and making a unique piece. Thanks for linking the website where you found the numbers. Hope to visit more often.

  6. I love this idea.



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