Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Christmas Greeting"

The smell of pine...jingle bells...lights all a glow...visions of sugar plums.... Can you believe how fast Christmas is nearing! It seems like holiday decorating starts sooner each year and that is just fine with it! Personally, I like to use November to "plan" my Christmas decor. I like to have everything up all done the day after Thanksgiving. This way you can enjoy it and focus on friends, family and festivities throughout the month of December. Take inventory of what you have and might need. My husband would say I don't "need" anything. "Krista, you don't NEED a coke, you don't NEED a treat, you don't NEED a new outfit" ;) But, some of your Christmas decor may NEED to be refurbished, retired or recycled. Think of ways you can use things differently. Re-invent old peices to make them feel new. It is always fun to add new pieces to your collection.

Check out my newest design, "Christmas Greeting". It is a refreshing and unique take on holiday decorating. Traditionally you wouldn't think to put sunflowers in a Christmas wreath. But why not? Bend the rules, think outside of the box. Surround yourself with things that you love and make you feel good. I love the color and texture of these flowers. I paired with other traditional Christmas elements and voila! A warm, inviting one of a kind Christmas wreath.

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