Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TGPD's Version of the Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Most of the time when friends and family come to my house they enter from the back patio. Because of this, I like to decorate it as much as the front door. I really wanted to get some pre-lit potted trees last Christmas on clearance (love it) but I didn't. I could just kick myself...what do ya do? So, I decided I was going to just splurge and buy them. Until...I pulled in my garage one fine day and spotted my tomato cages! I planted tomatoes a few years back and, well anyway, there they are. I decided I would save the money and make my own trees and place them in the pots that I had flowers in this summer. Good girl, Krista! I am sure you have seen these made before, but I thought I would share my version with you.

So, I got my cages. You could spray paint them green if you wanted, but I left mine silver. Then you just need a basic pine garland. I had a few extras hanging around. I had to buy a couple for $2.99. I ended up using 2 6ft garlands for each. Take the time to first "fluff" them and straighten the pine out. It makes a big difference. After wrapping the points of the cage with a green pipe cleaner, I took the end of the garland and wired it around the top of the cage.

I wound it down tightly together. I've seen it would loosely giving the tree a spiral look, and it looked great as well. Totally up to you. As you go down the cage you can take individual pieces of the pine and wrap them around the cage to hold it in place. I adjusted and spread the pine out as I went.
Next, I took a strain of 1o0 lights and wrapped it down my new little tree. :) Hooking it on a few individual pieces as I went.

I took a bag of pine cones and attached some here and there with wire. The bag had some grapevine balls I stuck in as well. I had a pretty beaded berry garland I got at Target on clearance (my fave) last year. I cut it in half, to have one for each tree, and wound it down the front of the tree.
I then grabbed my planters, dirt and all, and put em in...perfect fit! I took some sturdy wire and looped it around the cages and stuck it in the dirt to secure them. I am sooo excited with how these turned out!! The pictures don't really do them justice. (if you don't mind me saying) Even my husband is impressed. He can't believe they were made from tomato cages!
Instead of spending $100+, I spent less than $20 for two awesome patio trees using mostly things I already had!! So go for it! Grab your tomato cages and make you some trees!
These were way easy and fun to make. Seriously took me 30 minutes to make and put a smile on my face! :) I can't wait to show you how they look with my outdoor decor. Coming soon!!

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  1. That is so clever! I've never seen this before but now feel the need to hunt down some tomato cages for sure!!!

  2. Brilliant!!!! You really thought outside of the box on this one! And you'd never know what you made the tree out of!

    Thanks for linking up!

    FJ Donna

  3. What a great idea!! I live in an apartment and have just a small patio to decorate. This is perfect for me since I didn't want to invest any money in any evergreen trees or shrubs that I would have to figure out what to do with in the spring when I want to plant all flowers in my pots. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Those look great! And those tomato cages are dirt cheap, too. Smart thinking!

  5. I totally would not have known these were made with garlands and garden equipment *wink* Super cute and thrifty...my kind of crafting!

    Thanks for joining Mi4M :)

  6. OH my gosh! You did a great job! I've had this on my "to do" list. Yours looks great!
    love the pot!


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