Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Super Lovely Christmas Star...Made From LEFTOVERS!

I love to make these cute decorative stars. They make a great accent piece with any decor throughout the season. Here is a quick and easy Christmas Star!
Alright. Confessions time. I don't like to throw anything away because "I might need it one day". ;) Seriously, my mother-in-law calls me everytime Oprah has that show about hoarders. LOL! I admit sometimes you need to throw things away but here is an example of what you can do with all that "crap". ( as my husband so kindly calls it ) Above you will see a nice little bin (me being organized!) where I keep some of my Christmas leftovers. I grabbed that and a star I already had...I'm sure I found on clearance somewhere! Ohhh Yeeaahh!!

Lets dig in. I found a sprig of twigs already bunched together. I attached this to the star with wire and hot glue and... some more hot glue. Now I have an anchor of sorts. Check out this perfectly wonderful pine I found!!
I stuck 3 sprigs of the pine under the wire with some more hot glue. Because it is flat, this pine makes a great backdrop. Next I found a couple little pine cone fellas. I tightly wrapped the stem with my green pipe cleaner and wound it back down to make it a little sturdier. (word?)
I wedged it down in the wire among the twigs and pine, with some hot glue. ( I love me some hot glue!) Then, a favorite trick of mine, covered my tracks with moss. Have I told you I love moss? I do. Look how it hides everything and looks great!
Now for a pop of color an orphan hydrangea bunch. I snipped of individual stems. This way they are light and easy to tuck in there with yet some more hot glue.

Time for the other pine cone friend. I used the other half of the green pipe cleaner to attach him in.
Cover with some more moss...
Add in some leftover berries for some more color.
Then I found a remnant of gorgeous brown tulle that I wrapped around the star, over the wire from the beginning, and tied it in a knot. A bit of hot glue will hold it in place. Trim up the ends and look for any place you might need some more moss.
I decided it needed some cinnamon sticks I found. Wrapped these together with pipe cleaner. To add a little more color and sweetness, I tied a bow around these before I stuck them in.
Ta da! Pretty cute eh?
This fun project took me about 15-20 minutes. For real! There is no wrong or right and don't judge it until your finished. Have fun with it and give it your own flair! :)
You can tuck this little star anyway in your Christmas decor. On a shelf, under the tree, in the tree or even on top of your tree!
Or, what a super cute gift!
Here is another one. Again made from just leftovers! :) What do ya think of this "crap" now, honey? Bwahhahahaha ;)
I will definately be posting more ideas on using leftover items, so hang on to some of those scraps! You never know!

I'm entered in the See Mommy Sew Tutorial Contest!

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  1. I have a large wood star I almost threw in the trash I know what to do with it! Thanks for the idea.

  2. @Cheap Chic Home. I absolutely love this idea. I put stars on my front doors because they are easier to see--I may have to do some embellishing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is so cute. You definitely have the knack for decorating. I have a feeling mine might not turn out so cute . . . :o Don't you love making something from nothing? I've been having fun with fabric scraps and quilting.

  4. I love this post! Thanks so much for showing step by step how you did it (so I can try to copy lol) Both your stars turned out so pretty.

  5. This is so creative. I'm now going to look at all my discarded items to see what I can spruce up!


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