Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is Spring Here Yet?

Are you ready for spring as much as I am?!  I have had fun getting started on some spring custom orders as well as stuff for my Etsy shop!  I want to share this sweetly simple arrangement I made for my home with mostly things I had.

I am first to admit I have a slight obsession with moss.  I don't know...I love it.  I found these crazy cool moss sheets at JoAnns.  I was going to be a really good blogger friend and remember the exact name, etc. so you could find it if you wanted.  BUT...I didn't.  Sorry.  (But I will find it and update the post ASAP.)  Anyway, it came as a 24x24 inch sheet.  It is moss attached to a nylon backing.  This makes it really easy to cut into shapes and attach to whatever you'd like.  They even say you can reuse.  I quite like it!

I decided to wrap it around a sturdy cardboard box I had.  I wanted a moss container, so why not use something FREE and cover it?  I just measured, cut and secured with hot glue. 

Next, I filled 'er with some foam and started adding in my flowers.  I grouped together 3 sets of 3 little tulips and arranged them in my foam.  Then I added some Queen Anne's Lace Flowers as a filler.  I wanted this packed in pretty thick, so I kept adding until I got the look I wanted.  I had all these tulips left over from another project and my grandma gave me the QA's. So that means F R E E. :)  We like that right?

Once, I got all the QA's Lace in I decided I wanted my Tulips to pop out a bit higher.  So, I removed them and simply added a longer stem (I used the stems I cut off of my QA's Lace) with floral tape, and placed them back in.

For the finishing touch I put in a small tie of ribbon on one of the corners.  This was a fun little project which included very little money or time and it's feeling warmer already!! ;)

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  1. Beautiful arrangement...and I like the moss in sheets...I usually avoid regular moss because it is so messy. Very nice work!

  2. This makes me crave springtime! I love how fresh this project looks, with the moss and flowers. I've never tried anything like this before!

    Thanks for linking up to A Little Creative Therapy with Life in the Pitts!

  3. That is cute! Great Project. Would love to have you link up at Trendy Treehouse for our Creative Share WED.


  4. Krista, the arrangement is beautiful! I'm with you...how much longer until spring?

  5. How pretty! I am nuts-o about moss too. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I also have a moss obsession. My friends tease me about it all the time. I've been wanting to try the moss sheets but just hadn't gotten around to it yet. But now I am! I think they'd make awesome place mats for a garden party, too, don't you? Now you've got me thinking!!!

  7. I LOVE this! I might have to make my own...today! TFS!

  8. This is my first time to your blog and I just love it! I am off to follow it right away.



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