Sunday, February 7, 2010

Neglected Mantel...No More!

Where did January go? (and now almost half of February!)  Between the recovery of the holidays,  both my kids being sick for what felt like forever, and a fun family vacation (which was wonderful!), my house has been a bit neglected.  For example, after the Wi took over my mantel (very sad) it went from this to this...

It seriously has looked like this for over a month and has been driving me crazy!!  So I have finally taken action!   My Christmas Mantel was traditional and symmetrical.  I wanted something a bit more casual and eclectic.  More of a comfy feel.  I started with this runner I customized a while back.  It was such a rewarding project! 

 It is simply my $3 table runner from Target, to which I added my favorite bargain trim.  I found it on ebay for super cheap.  I used in to customize my store bought curtains and the left over finished out this lovely mantel swag. Ok, back to the mantel.

Next I  added this arrangement I put together.  I wanted it to look as though I walked through the garden of my French cottage and picked out my favorites and simply placed them in a bucket. (yes, a regular day dream of mine)  I really like how it turned out.  It's a mixture of dried and silk floral and has a very free, natural look with hint of Spring. (wishful thinking!) The galvanized metal brightens things up a bit.

 On the other side of my framed art piece lovely TV, I have this sweet little planter I made last Spring (that word again ;).  I love the container! It's fun how you can give simple greenery a unique look by using interesting containers.

I set on top of some faux books and joined with a decorative finial and one of the candle lamps I had on the mantel before.  I took the shade of to stay with my laid back motif.

Finally, since it is the LOVE month, I made these little X O's.  They are just wood letters from Michaels that I mod podged Christmas wrapping paper on.  I painted out the sides in burnt umber and then added a tiny bit the the mod podge to give it an all over aged appearance.  Just a simple little Valentine touch to add a festive-ness to my mantel.

Completing this 10 minute project has taken a load off my back.  Why do I put off simple things that make me feel so much better? Does anyone else do this but me?  I feels so great, I am ready to take on all the other things that have been making me nuts this past month. There is a looooonngg list!  I hope all of you can beat this winter blues and do the things that make you feel good and hopefully Spring will be here soon!

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  1. Pretty mantel decor...I think it is so hard to decorate around the big black hole but it looks very nice!


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