Thursday, February 25, 2010

Curly Willow Spring Wreath

Much to my dismay, it is snowing this morning at my house.  Although I do love the snow, I think it has it's time and place like......      Christmas Day.  LOL ;)  

No really, it is good to have the snow {we need the moisture} and if it's gonna be cold it might as well snow, but I am ready for Spring.  (I think I may have mentioned that before.) 

So in the hopes of warmer weather I want to share a wreath I created for my Mom's hair salon. For this one I wanted a natural look as if the flower were growing right on the wreath.  I think it is happy and Spring-y and I hope it inspires you to get ready for Spring as well. :)

Also, asked me to do some wreath tutorials and this was my first one. You can check it out here.

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  1. Don't you hate that darn snow! It was snowing here this morning too, but thankfully it melted by afternoon! Darn stuff!
    Love the wreath! Especially the red poppies!

  2. HGTV asked you? Way to go! I love it. And, we'll have snow up until the summer here in MI so.. I feel ya!

  3. This wreath is gorgeous!!! I might have to try and create something like this. I will definitely be checking out your wreath tutorial.

  4. Thanks for all the sweet comments! Yeah, I had submitted some wreaths in Share My Craft. The crafts editor saw them and asked me to do some feature wreath tutorials. It was a huge compliment to my work...I was pretty excited. :)

  5. I so love this wreath. It is just perfect I love the twig part alot and the coloring..great job...I also heard for us more snow coming...I'm still going on with getting my spring items out and about. It may come
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    seasons of life/Jolyn

  6. Beautiful, so much drama. Great job.

  7. I love this wreath and tweeted its praises last week.

    Come by to see what I have for you.

  8. I love this wreath! Let's hope Spring arrives soon for all of us!

  9. Can you tell me where you found the curly willow wreath which is the base of this wreath that I LOVE!! I want to make one, but can't find a curly willow wreath!

    Lou Cinda :)


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