Monday, October 4, 2010

{$3} Haunting Halloween Wreath

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I’ve been slowly getting ready for my little Halloween Party and I’ve been trying to keep the costs down, so the dollar store has been my friend. I made this wreath for $3 with stuff I had and 3 dollar store items.
I made a loose wreath base with grapevine from my Grandpa’s garden wanting it to look more aged and  rustic.  Next I spray painted old ferns and berries and stuck them in with some Spanish moss I had on hand. 
The creepy tombstone and the skull garland are form the dollar store.  I glazed them a little to darken the white.  Nested on the Spanish moss is a little $ store crow and my Haunted Wreath was complete.
  I wanted this wreath to look old and unintentional, like it had been abandoned and transformed throughout the years.  I may add in some spiders, but for now…
I think it will do the trick to set the tone for my Ghoulish Guests.

SYS Thurs



  1. Great wreath! I went to the dollar store today and saw all the same items! Can't believe you transformed it so well!!!

  2. Love it! I like the idea of the sprayed painted ferns, it really adds something to it! Love the dollar store!!

  3. It looks awesome! I never would have thought of putting a tombstone in a wreath. Thanks for linking up!

    - Megan

  4. i adore this. very cool wreath.

  5. So great. That's it. I'm following you! lol. Thanks for dropping by today and introducing yourself!

  6. You always deliver. Love the fullness at the bottom and how clever to use a tombstone on a wreath.

  7. Beautiful!! I want grape vines so I can make one of these!

  8. I don't have a Halloween wreath, cause I barely have any Halloween decorations. I am soooo going to have to use your idea on this one for next year. Already have too many Halloween projects to squeeze this one in. Very fabulous! The best one that I have seen!

  9. That wreath is awesome and oh-so-creepy! :-)

  10. That is an awesome wreath! I never would have guessed it only cost $3 to make!


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