Saturday, October 9, 2010

BOO! Platter for a Buck

This is super easy…
You’ve probably seen a variation of this before.  I bought a plastic patter for a dollar.  Next I typed out the word boo and then hit the mirror image button on my program.  Printed it out on a full page sticker and then stuck in on the bottom of my platter so on the top it said boo correctly.
IMG_0676  IMG_0677  
I then spray painted the bottom of the platter black and let it dry.  My initial intent was to remove the letters so it was clear, which looks good too, but for now left the white stickers on.  I might try remove the stickers and stick some scrapbook paper in the back so it shows through the clear words…lots of fun options with a project like this.  Nothing too ingenious or spectacular, but I do enjoy the end result.
IMG_0678  IMG_0695
Haha.. After I finished this  little project I ran around my house hiding behind corners and jumping out in front of my kids and Mr. Husband and holding up the platter and screaming BOO!yes I am weird.

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