Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree resides in the front formal living room.  One of my favorite rooms in my house that I like to sneak off to for a little quiet time.;)  During the holidays it’s an even better spot to relax in with my morning coffee and evening tea, because of the Christmas tree!! {yes I do enjoy my warm beverages!;)}


Our tree has a somewhat traditional look and it is a little different each year.

  IMG_0624 IMG_0627  IMG_0626

I love this tapestry ribbon I bought from Target a couple years ago…it is warm and rich and feels classic and Christmas to me.  I mixed in some flowers and berries and different types of leaves and greenery to give different textures and dimension to the tree.  Pinecones of course, and curly willow branches as well.


The bay window is the perfect spot to showcase the tree and I love how it looks from the street.


I found these aged mirrors at Big Lots about 4 years ago and thought they would be a fun and unique addition.   I just stuck some tulle ribbon through the hanger on the back and tied them to a branch. I have a little baby’s first Christmas ornament for each my girls…they love unwrapping them each year and hanging them on the tree.  A lot of the tree my girls had a hand in decorating.  I like a beautiful tree, but I also want my family to have the excitement  and memories of  decorating it together.  That is part of the magical Christmas experience. :)  I want to collect more ornaments with meaning to bring the memories of Christmas’ past each year.


The tree skirt is just a piece of remnant decorators fabric I picked up for about $3…I just wrapped it around the base and tucked in the edges.

Oh and please pardon the crooked star…;)  It keeps falling!

It’s not perfect, but it’s our tree and I love all in represents.  Traditions, family and the meaning of Christmas.  


Now I need to do some shopping to fill  the bottom up!  Ack! ;0

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  1. Your Christmas tree is so pretty -Isn't that one of the best times just relaxing with the Christmas tree lights on in the room .

  2. So pretty!! Love the sign and all your ornaments are just beautiful!!

  3. What a gorgeous tree in a beautiful room.

  4. I love how tall and skinny your tree is! It is soooo pretty!

  5. Beautiful tree, I like trees that have the personal touch!

  6. The tree is simply beautiful! I love the branches you added (my cat would feast on those, however!) and I love the antique mirrors!

  7. Love the color scheme you used for the tree ribbon and skirt, Krista. The addition of the willow branches gives it so much texture. I liked your staircase swags in a newer post. I chose not to place greenery on the banister, as well. Time was a factor, but I thought that the more simplistic look just fit my mood this season. Thanks for your visit today. You have a lovely blog that I'll be back to see again. Merry Christmas! ~ Sue


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