Monday, December 6, 2010

Displaying My {Christmas} Dishes


A few years after Mr. Husband and I were married, my wonderful Grandma gave me these pretty dishes for Christmas.  I love them.  Another few years later, my other wonderful Grandma finished the set for me!  A girl tends to feel the Gma love when they are the only granddaughter on both sides for 17 years. ;)


I have had this little plate rack for 11 years and I still really like it.  It lives in my breakfast nook and I like to change out my dishes for the seasons.  I usually keep these dishes out all winter long…


To compliment the dishes, this years I went for a natural outdoorsy look using pinecones, twigs, moss, greens and even a little birdie.(remember him?) 

I just gathered things that I already had.


I love my little pinecone garland… I have had it for years as well, but I’m thinking it wouldn’t be too tough to make.  A little jute twine, pine cones and a drill?

IMG_0596   IMG_0591

I made the little moss trees last year when I was on my moss tree kick. ;)

The leaves and vase are from flowers my sweet friends sent me a couple week ago, after I had surgery.  The gorgeous flowers had passed on, but the greens were still looking nice so I simply kept them out and put them back in the vase.  They pull color out of the dishes and tie in with the books and apothecary jars. ~these jars were actually used in my Spring Vignette too;)~  Backing all of this you’ll find a twig frame I made by simply tying twigs with twine.



On the buffet below, I have the coordinating Christmas tree platter and an old rustic toolbox my grandpa made when he was younger that I filled with more pinecones.  I added my little garage sale find on the end.  If you follow me on Twitter, you might remember when I found her.  It’s a little pewter coffee warmer carafe thingy and it was only $2…for real! I love it.

Thanks for stopping by and taking peek inside my breakfast nook. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here…more to come:)


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  1. your dishes are beautiful - your pinecones are perfect with them. What is the name of your pattern? I've never seen that one before..

  2. So pretty and perfect to leave out all Winter long, Krista! I love dishes like this and want to get a set of brown and white/cream transferware.

  3. I love displaying plates on plate racks. In fact, it's on my wish list for our new home. I love your plates as well. I was just thinking how I'd love a set of really nice Christmas dishes (rather than the cheapo ugly snowmen plates I have....but then again, the kidlets love them =)

  4. Love your whole arrangement. Those plates are beautiful! Stopping by from Make it 4 Monday.

  5. Oh, I just love the entire vignette!

    Take care,

  6. Looks great! I am a real fan of the "natural outdoorsy" look. Are those dishes called "Friendly Village"? What a great collection!

  7. The plate rack and your dishes are wonderful! Everything is beautiful.
    xo, Sherry

  8. Thank you!! Yes, Friendly Village is the name of the collection. :)

  9. those are beautiful...i wish we stayed somewhere long enough to have things from 11 years ago.....can't wait to see ya feeling:) xoxo

  10. Love the display and the color of the dishes. So pretty.


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