Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Custom Wall Art

I really wanted to participate in this weeks CSI Project challenge.  This crazy summer has inhibited me from trying a new dollar store creation, so I decided to pull one from the archives.   
I made this inspirational art for my daughter’s room makeover back in December.  You can see the whole room HERE.   I bought these cute frames at Dollar Tree for $1 each.  I printed out words to inspire and put them in the frames.  Love, believe, dance, sing, play, inspire, authentic, create, get the idea.  Good reminders to live life and love it.  Hopefully she will read them daily.  I simply painted out the board, attached the frames with epoxy and hung with ribbon. 
I hung one on each side of her vanity.  Her room is quite large and has long walls.   These pieces expand the vanity area to take up space on this big wall.    
This was a fun easy project and I was pleased with the results and I think she likes them too! ;)
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you feel inspired to think outside the box. :)
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