Friday, June 4, 2010

“About Me” Books

  How many days until school starts? 

Alrighty folks, it’s only the 4th day of summer vacation and I already feel as if I may lose my mind. ;)  So, it’s time for a plan…Operation: Keep Kids Busy so We Can All Survive and Enjoy the Summer!  I have been harvesting some ideas of fun crafts we can do, because they love it.  Yesterday we had our bestest cousins and aunty over so I thought this project would be a fun one for them. I think I first saw this idea on, but I have seen some really awesome ones around as well. (wish I could remember who, but I can’t. Sorry. If you do though, let us know!)  Ours are pretty basic and these cute girls (ages 4-11) made them all by themselves. :) If you remember I put together a cute quote book for my suitcase I made HERE, so here are the detes…

We started with 3 basic brown lunch sacks that I had and folded them in half with the bottom flap on the inside.  Try to keep them very even and lined up.


Next, I got out the never ending supply of scrapbook paper and let them go wild.  (I didn’t realize I had so much, but it sure did come in handy!)  Measure the paper to wear you would like it and cut and paste.  It is fun to do coordinating patterns and mixing and matching.  As you can see above, I glued paper just separately on the flap and underneath for a fun little pocket, but you could just paste right over top as well.

IMG_1133  IMG_1132

Busy girls, crafting away:)  They decided to make “About Me” books, but you can also make little scrapbooks with picture, etc.

IMG_1142 IMG_1139
Once all the pages were complete, I lined them up and made 3 hole punches and tied them with ribbon and jute twine.
In the openings of the bags you can insert little notes or pictures like a little ‘pocket’.  This gives you additional space for journaling as well.
IMG_1156 IMG_1155
Here (above) is an example of quotes, and pictures.  I added a tag on the front of mine and below you can see the little hiding flap in action.;)
Mine needs some pics or something, but hopefully this gives you the idea.


And here are the sweet girl’s masterpieces!  They had so much fun and were very pleased with what they created.  I really is fun that my girls are getting bigger and can enjoy doing crafts and projects together.  I just need to get my plan in action for the summer!  So, if you have any grand ideas, be sure to send them my way!  I will be posted my ideas along the way too.  Happy Summer! :)

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  1. These are darling!!! I made them, and used them as teacher thanks you''s on my blog, under "paper sack scrapbooks". I love your idea of making them into about me books.

  2. Very Cute! My daughter would love these!

  3. Krista they are so precious and very pretty! Love this idea for summer.

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

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  5. So creative!!! Thanks for sharing.


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